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Fitted Jacket: An Olympic FO

A week late, and not the last to cross the finish line, I did the final finishing of Maddy's sweater on Sunday morning while visiting with my sister and her boys.  (Note to self: it really helps to visit with someone while sewing on buttons!)

Presenting:  Fitted Jacket Ravelry, a pattern by Margery Winter, #2 in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2004.  I'm the only member of Ravelry to have made it, though it's in one other queue, so perhaps I won't be lonely for long.



I substituted "Kim" by Filtes King for the Berroco Suede called for in the pattern and I could not be happier -- I love that it's cotton, I love the construction of the yarn, I love the color, I love the fabric it makes, I love that it cost a way, way whole bunch less than the Suede (purchased quite some time ago from Elann).  I also love that I have quite a bit left over.


The original pattern had four pocket flaps, two of them with tassels (yes, those two), and rather than a button band, there were more tassels that were used as closures (by being looped over buttons).


I did a simple garter stitch button band and employed seven buttons.  I made the button holes too big, so had to crochet around each one to tighten it up and make it smaller (they're good and strong now).


The only thing I wish I'd done is add a little to the length.  I love the sweater as it is, and I think it looks fantastic on her, but an extra inch or so might have been nice.

Best of all, Maddy likes it!  Can you tell?  She likes it so much that she didn't take it back to school with her, fearing that it would not well withstand the rigors of dorm life.  Heh.



It looks totally great on her! Nicely done.


That is such a simple, beautiful, and oh so wearable cardigan - and your mods were perfect - I can't quite imagine tassels hanging "there" :-)


It looks great! Nicely done, Vicki.


It looks fabulous and now I want one! It fits her so well, no wonder she loves it!!


DITTO what Margene said! You had the vision to see it without the pockets, and though I have not seen the pattern, I can only ask WHY? would they put tassles on it of all things? (I guess the answer is "Berroco Suede") But this is of course DEFINITELY my style and I want one. And now that my elbow is almost 100% again (knock wood) maybe I'll be able to actually knit sometime soonish.


Yay! Beautiful cardi! Love Maddy's haircut, too.


Love your version of the sweater - looks great on her. Well Done! And I have to agree with Norma - what was Vogue thinking? No wonder you are the brave soul in Rav land. I bet you're right, too. There'll be more now.
Tassles. There. ::walks away, shaking head::


Great job, Mom!!!


It's just perfect in every way! I love it! (Tassles? Tassles?)


This is my kind of sweater. I'm glad I didn't see it with the pockets (or tassels) because I would have overlooked it.
Now, how do I get the pattern?


It looks GREAT! Good call on ditching those tasseled pockets, gawd...


Congratulations...your version is much nicer than the original(who needs/wants tassels "there"??). This looks as if it may quickly become Maddy's favorite sweater...comfortable, very wearable (dress it up or down), and the color is fabulous for her! Now I want!!!

Nataile looks fantastic!!

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