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07 March 2010

Art walk

Rusty and I drove down to Oshkosh last night for the Gallery Walk -- specifically, because Katie and her friend and co-worker Natalie were displaying their work (they didn't make the official listing).

I look at these photos and I think, OMG, she looks like she OWNS the gallery!  So professional.

I look at these photos and, OMG, I laugh so hard that I can't even think!!

Yeah.  That's my girl!  There's really not much of a problem with people taking themselves TOO seriously around here.


The space is FANTASTIC!!  Sets me dreaming...

They sort of pulled it together at the last minute, but it went very well and attendance was amazing -- attendance should only improve as the weather does.

She's writing her contact info on bits of torn up paper, which is good for recycling and the environment and all, but the girl's gonna need some business cards!


It's amazing that one family has this much talent!!! You must be so proud of her...enjoy the ride, it really doesn't get much better than this! Best wishes and congratulations to all of you!!!

Wow! That's so amazing. I loved the pictures - expressions - art and love. I felt like I was part of a big wonderful happy family. Congrats!

Fabulous! Yep. Business cards!

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