Fabulous Friday
It's what's for dinner (with leftovers for lunch)

Sweets for the sweet

Black Forest Muffins

On Saturday, I took some photos for one of my favorite "clients" (my daughter) in my "natural light studio" (upstairs at her coffee shop).  Those are BFF Bakery's Black Forest Muffins.  BFF Bakery is very local and very good -- and they only sell wholesale right now, so if you want somethin' you'll just have to come and join me for a cuppa somethin' and a little somethin' else at the coffee shop!

Black Forest Mocha

The muffins go nicely with the Black Forest Mocha (she says, knowingly).  Ali made the mocha with skim milk so I could have it afterwards.  At any other time of year, the Black Forest Mocha is known as the Black Widow Mocha at the coffee shop, but that doesn't quite give the right Valentine vibe.

Valentine Hearts in the Window

School house lights

In other exciting news, new light fixtures!!  We are all more in love with these than we probably should be -- but lighting is so important.  We've made decisions about where to go for dinner, let's say, based on lighting.  There are actually four, replacing some colored/textured glass fixtures that the previous owner wanted.

Can you believe it's been a year since Ali took over?  It was Valentine's weekend last year that we had an army working to clean, paint and rearrange.




Great, great photos! I'm so happy that Ali's business is doing well!


Ali's has a real talent for business and the place looks like the most wonderful coffee shop in the world. LOVE it!


Oh, I so wish I could join you for a cuppa (and, well, for one of those yummy treats, too!). I'd love to see Ali's shop --- it looks so welcoming and comforting.


I'd love to come for a coffee (and I don't even drink coffee)
Those fixtures are excellent but I must confess to being totally smitten with that garland! Oh my.


I know!  That garland is awesome.  The best part is that it's CHRISTMAS garland, made Valentine-y by simply hanging some glitter hearts between the baubles.  There's also "hearts-on-a-string" in the windows, but my favorite -- barely visible in that photo -- is a wax paper heart.  I remember my kids making similar things at school and hanging them in my windows at home 'til they rotted.  It's made of crayon shavings in pink/red/orange sandwiched and melted between two sheets of wax paper, then cut into a heart shape.  So simple and so cute.


Love the photos. Mmmm. I hope I can make it up there soon for a cupcake.

The lights are fantastic.

Kathryn M.

Love the fixtures! Would also love to see more pictures of the shop. I may be in your area in a few weeks. Where exactly is the coffee shop?

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