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20 February 2010

Step One: Thread the needle


Step Two:  Take pictures and blog about the wonderfully threaded needle.

Step Three: 


C'mon! You can do it! Just stitch.

and the blogging hinders the progress....

at least that's what happens after the photos around here!

I did it. I stitched... the wrong pieces together!!

Forging on... I've already started anew (and correctly) (being watched over VERY closely by a cat) (so closely that she'll be lucky not to be sewn into the garment). Just taking a break for a Coke and a smile, and maybe a ham sandwich. Oy.

I feel your pain...we've all been there at one time or another! I HATE finishing but am always happy when it's done...and you will be, too! I'm cheering for you...you can do it!

Step 3. Take a nap.
Step 4. Have a snack.
Step 5. Check email.

...or at least that how it goes at my house :)

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