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09 February 2010

It's what's for dinner (with leftovers for lunch)


I had a very busy day on Saturday.  I wanted to make a good dinner, but didn't have the time or temperament for slicing, stirring, simmering, and such.

Country-style pork ribs 

The cute little Nesco was a wedding gift from the Marshfield aunts and uncles.  The size is such that it doubles as a pretty good-sized slow cooker.  It's seen a fair bit more action than usual so far this year.

Howling Wolf BBQ Sauce 

I had purchased two varieties of Howling Wolf BBQ Sauce to try, and "The Original" was howling "ribs" to me.  The other variety I have is Cranberry Orange and I think I'll be doing some of this in a few days with a little of that.

Ready to roast

The ribs.  Country-style.  I rubbed half of them with Chicago Steak Seasoning from Penzey's that I had in the cupboard.  The other half were seasoned simply with salt and cracked pepper.

Cracked Pepper

I roasted them in the regular oven, first, for 15 minutes on each side at 400F.

Roasted and ready

I popped them into the roaster.


Poured on the sauce and cooked 'em slowly for 5-6 hours ('til DH came home).  The meat was falling right off the bone!  In the end, it was impossible to determine which ribs were heavily or lightly seasoned -- they were all delicious!  The sauce was excellent -- rich and flavorful, with exactly the right combo of ingredients for the perfect kick.

Sunday lunch

It was so delicious and I was so hungry that I didn't even take pictures.  Those are leftovers that I had for lunch the next day.  Cold.  Nom.  So good!!


They look fabulous!! We did ribs (from Costco) in our slow cooker on Sunday. So, so good. Yours look better! ;-)

And thank you! You reminded me that I have a leftover chicken cordon bleu that I specifically saved for lunch today, and I haven't yet eaten it. Toddling off to heat it up now!!!!

Y.U.M. Oh, and Penzey's? True love!

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