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24 January 2010

When life gives you lemons...

Actually, I bought the lemons myself!

Yellow I

This week's theme for the 52.5 of 2010 Flickr group is YELLOW.  I have to admit, my first thought was dog pee in the snow.  Yellow is not a prominent color in my January world; there is very little of it in my wardrobe or in my home's decor.  What little yellow there is is concentrated in the kitchen.  So.  I bought a few lemons at the store and gathered all the yellow stuff I could find and started shootin'.

Yellow II

This was yesterday, though perhaps a bit more blue (in a cheerful way) than in reality:


With more of the same today.  It's raining and snow is melting and it's the ug-ug-ugliest part of winter.

Yeah, give me lemons!

Mmmm, now, maybe it's time for some lemonade.


I know it is the ugliest part of winter but your photos of it are beautiful! Nice yellows too! :)

Gorgeous photographs, so cheering! I live in Maine, and it is stunningly beautiful right now. But it is harder to go about your day in winter.

just a zest of colour i need to see in these ugly days! The chickens and bowls are pretty.

I love bright colors in the winter. It's so dreary all the time. And neutral. That yellow just SINGS! :-)

I love all that yellow! And I have that same McCoy bowl, just slightly larger.

You have more yellow than I do!
The bright colour does break up the monotony of the grey, long winter.

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