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15 December 2009


I don't think it will surprise anyone to learn that these mitten cookies are very nearly the sole reason why I signed up for a cookie decorating workshop.  The original session I signed up for didn't even include them -- the subject was "toys" -- but I just had to get close to these mittens!  It turned out that we had enough people interested to hold (and choose!) our own session.

My mittens are far, far, far from perfect, but aren't they fun!!?  The first one is probably the best overall.  I like to think of the middle one as a bulky thrummed mitten!

The workshop was presented by Dawn Koehler Design.  Dawn's home was beautifully decorated and so festive for the holidays!  She had a cute, table-top feather tree decorated with nothing but her own snowflake ornaments.

What's not to like about a workshop that includes wine and champagne!?

We each decorated a dozen cookies -- three each of four designs.  The keys were to not expect anything near perfection and to just have fun with it!



Those are so awesome! I like the mittens and the ornaments but I love the trees!

Each one is a beauty! Biting into one would be bittersweet. ;-D

I think it's awesome you get to do this with your daughters...how fun!!!

How fun! I love your mitten cookies... how can you eat such beautiful work?!

Wine, champagne and cookies... be still my heart!

Those cookies are exquisite! (So are the photos and your daughters, but who's counting?)

AMAZING! I agree... the mittens are SO freaking CUTE! All of them are really spectacular.

Oh. It almost makes me wish I hadn't publicly announced my disdain for Christmas cookies! Those are just lovely! What a fun way to find the Christmas spirit!

your girls are so freakin' gorgeous in that smart, down-to-earth way. and those cookies look pretty good, too.

Too pretty to eat.Now I have something else I want be whip up before the holidays. Yikes!!

Lovely! Almost too pretty to eat. Almost. ; )


what a wonderful idea! your cookies look delicious.

Your cookies look so pretty! I love reading your blog and seeing all the fun things you do with your lovely daughters!

Wow! You knit with frosting! So pretty.

too pretty to eat!

omg, those cookieeeeeeeeeeeees!

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