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23 December 2009

Big Huge Coolness

Scout's Top 72

My participation in various online media waxes and wanes -- earlier this year, I was quite active in uploading photos to Flickr and many of my blog photos were directly linked from there (as is the rule).  Linking your Flickr account to Big Huge Labs affords some fun in various ways, including Scout (which has to do with popularity, sort of, and ranking and it's always changing) (I have had 8 images legitimately show up in Scout - I don't believe any are there now)!  The image above is the result of a special Christmas Scout, and shows my top 72 images of all time.  Pretty neat, eh?  I'm a big huge sucker for collages and montages and massages -- one of those things isn't like the other, but I'm a big huge fan.

As of right now, my Christmas shopping is finito -- and I'm feelin' pretty good!  It's the Eve of Christmas Eve and one of my favorite days of the year.


Merry almost Christmas, Vicki!

My fav day too!
Merry Christmas Vicki!

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