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19 November 2009

Thankful Thursday III

I am so thankful for these two little boys.

I get to get my grandma thing on and don't even have to be one!!  Yet.  I am looking forward to being one -- one day -- and sometimes I feel like I just can't wait another minute!  But, of course, I can.  Meanwhile, I'm the luckiest auntie who's not a grandma in the whole wide world.

This weekend, the first piano recital!!


I love your pictures of the boys.
Could you give details of the rust/blue
cardigan sweater. Yarn & pattern would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!  The rust/blue sweater is "baby a" from Lisa Shobhan Mason's book called "yarnplay."  I'm told it's similar to "baby albert" in Sally Melville's "The Knit Stitch."  All I know is that it was a FUN sweater to make!

Your sisters and brother are thankful they have such a talented photographer in the family!

They are beautiful little boys but it seems like they are getting way too big!

Those pictures never fail to make me smile!

You nephews have the cutest faces and you capture their personalities so well!

Ah, little boys. There is much to be thankful for . . . in little boys.

the cute is killing me! good luck to the pianist this weekend!

They are the cutest things and the love shows in your photography. I know what you mean about the grandmother thing. I can't wait! But I can and should. Or at least they should wait to make me one.

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