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Ready, Set, December!

I can't believe it's the last day of November.  It seems like my birthday was just last week!  I decided this morning that Christmas is going to be here and gone in an instant, too, so I may as well try to enjoy it -- as much as I can.  I was much, MUCH more into it all and enjoyed it so much more during my short stint as a stay-at-home mom in the early- to mid-90s, a little less so when I went back to work part-time, and it's been nothing but a chore the last few years.  My level of "into-it-iveness" is directly related to available time and all the various demands on such -- those demands sure do seem to grow rather than shrink.

I have set my entire December days-off/holiday calendar as of today.  I love that the holidays are on Friday this year.  Please, do not throw any wrenches my way -- I like things just the way they are!  There's time mapped out for a parade, a workshop, some photo shoots, and a couple of parties; for decorating the house (wreath and lights on the front door), putting up the tree (haven't yet decided on fresh or fake), and baking for the book club cookie exchange.  I'll even have off on the Eve of Christmas Eve, one of my favorite days.  I'm going to concentrate on those few things and having fun and not worry about the rest.

I'm not sweating the gift-giving this year, either.  I've taken care of most of it already (the kids need EVERYthing) -- much of it locally (have you heard of The 3/50 Project?) -- and I have good ideas about and/or a start on the rest.  And I'm not going to let other people's problems become mine; I'll do what I can within reason, but don't put nothin' on me and don't bring me down, man.

The long weekend was great and I'm so pleased with what I was able to accomplish.  There's a bit more to do, but you know what?  There always is...

The sun is shining brightly today between heavy, gray, November clouds -- love it.  Sunshine makes everything better.  I don't even mind hearing the words "snow" and "flurries" in the weather forecast for the week.  I'm actually looking forward to a little snow -- maybe winter will actually be wintry when it's supposed to be (unlike every other season this year).


It's not lookin' too good for Zumba this week and that might be OK.  Trying to nudge three loaded, connected bookcases with one's big toe only results in a jammed big toe.  Ow.  So, I'm kind of walking funny because of the toe and that, along with all the grunt work over the weekend, has me taking notice of the warning twinges in my lower back.



Your post strikes a HUGE chord with me today! I have many of the same thoughts. . . and I'm drawing many of the same conclusions. . . as you are about the upcoming holidays. In fact, I'm going to adopt your words as my Holiday Mantra: "I'll do what I can within reason, but don't put nothin' on me and don't bring me down, man!" :^)


I hate it when the holiday stuff feels like a chore. Decorating is like that for me now. I love it when it's done but doing it - UGH!


It's funny you mention the 3/50 project...there was a big article in our local paper (in PA)about this today. There is a local version of this program in our area. A great idea!


I think I may be coming out of a 10- or 15-year funk with regard to Christmas. Our Christmas tree is already up and decorated, the shopping is done, I have done a tiny bit of baking (more tomorrow). Most years getting the Christmas letter written, edited, printed, signed, stamped, addressed and mailed takes all of December. Oh, wait, it still will -- haven't started that yet.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Thanks for posting the 3/50 link, I'm going to share it s around here.
also, love the latest banner on your sitte (I know its been there for more than a week but I keep forgetting to comment).


The hard part was learning to back off without guilt. Without children it's been easier and we do very little. This week is the busiest with parties, etc. I'm ready for a slow slide into next year.


oh, man! I love that little peanut!!!I haven't decorated for Christmas since we moved in three years ago, and with all of the remodeling, it just hasn't been a priority. But this year I am searching for those decoration boxes and am going to put on some glitz.

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