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Thankful Thursday -- Thanksgiving

Random Wednesday with Red

My Thanksgiving holiday knitting will be concentrated on Red -- in spirit and intention, for sure, if not exactly in color.  You've likely read elsewhere, by now, that last Saturday's preliminary scarf count came up short by MORE THAN HALF.  No doubt, there are many people like me who have a scarf knit up and ready to go... waiting to be get... and that the number of Red Scarf Project scarves "out there" is closer to the actual desired total, but people... I'M SCARED!!  What if it's NOT?  What if there aren't enough scarves for those... KIDS??  They're big, grown-up college kids, but still... they're KIDS!  It breaks my heart.  So, every available minute that I'm not chopping, stirring, or stuffing this weekend will be dedicatd to knitting.

I printed out one of Gale Zucker's beautiful posters a while back and posted it at the coffee shop, which prompted Alison to ask me for yarn and needles -- and I'll be encouraging a strong finish!  And the other day she brought home a couple of nice, simple scarves that a young man (new-ish knitter) dropped off after also seeing the poster!

* * * * *

I am making a simple "Flat Belly" sweet potato recipe:  Sweet Potatoes with Brown Sugar-Pecan Topping.  I'm also going to make Scout's Sweet 'Tater Pone -- diggin' deep into the internets to come up with that one!  She shared last year's FB post and I noticed that I'd made a comment then (can't believe I've been on FB for a year already!)... it's time to actually make it!

* * * * *

I'd just like to say YAY!!  I'm very happy that Donny Osmond -- an old guy -- won the mirror ball trophy on Dancing With The Stars.  It wasn't the most exciting season of DWTS, but you just never know...

Kelly was a huge surprise to me -- I was SO prepared to NOT like her from Day 1 and, on Day 1 she won me over.  I could identify with her self-confidence issues throughout the season, with her growing determination to do whatever it took -- I don't think she always made it, for whatever reason, but there were glimmers of... I don't know... hope? change? growth? brilliance? loveliness?  She and Aaron, both so very young, seemed truly, fundamentally, changed -- in the best way possible.

Mya was a talented, amazing dancer -- natural ability, kind of pretty, great body, and a nice presence.  My problem with Mya is that she never really seemed to connect to Dmitry -- she needed a choreographer and dance partner, but I think she'd have much rather danced alone.

I've been a fan of Donny since we were six -- super-duper-can-I-paint-my-room-purple-crushing by 10-12 -- so I couldn't help but root for him.  He has sometimes been "a little much" in the past -- the personality can be SO big -- but I truly enjoyed him on the show.  All the hard work, the humble acceptance of criticism, the quick wit and humor -- the banter (and whatnot) with Bruno made for some of the funniest moments of the entire season.  I watched all wrung-out and sweaty from 45 minutes of Zumba last night -- I can't imagine how he did it for hours and days and weeks!  Bravo.

So, that's my two cents.

* * * * *

Back tomorrow with thanks.



I'm one of those with a red scarf waiting to be mailed, but I think I'll check the stash and see if I could whip up another! Great reminder!

And count me in the Yay-for-Donny camp! It seems that (ahem!) women of . . . a certain age. . . have a soft spot for Mr.-One-Bad-Apple-Don't-Spoil-the-Whole-Bunch,-Girl!


I enjoyed Donny on DWTS this season, too, and I'm so happy he won. I was going to grow up and marry him, you know. I had all his albums and such a crush. Good thing I got over that because I'm not sure I'd have made a very good Mormon.
I loved Kelly. When she talked about the hardest part being looking at herself in all those mirrors I could really relate. She really grew in self confidence and ability and it was a joy to watch.


I have never watched DWTS, but of course with Donny on it, I got CLOSE. Somehow it still never happened. I wonder if I can catch the season online somewhere? Of course I know the ending now, but still.



I loved Kelly too. It's pretty great that she did so well. Donny, well, what a cutie -- even after all these years!


I, too, was pleased with the outcome of DWTS. I remember Donny when he (and his siblings) first started out. Never had a crush on him (he was too young), but nearly always enjoyed the entertainment he provided. Let's hear it for the old folks!

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