Thankful Thursday -- Thanksgiving
More photos from my sister's camera

Happy Turkey Soup Day!

Mmmm, it sure was good!  Years ago, we used to make homemade noodles for it, too, but there are some pretty good homestyle noodles to be had at the grocery store these days.

It's been a busy day of sleeping in ('til 8:00!), putzing and puttering, assembling (3) new bookcases for my studio (OMG, all this/my residual displaced junk from everyone moving around needs to be organized).

We met Annie and her boys at the mall this afternoon for photos with Santa.  It's a tradition... five years, now.  Then it was home for turkey soup and bread, leftover fruit salad and "cranberry fluff," and even some pie.

Annie came over and we did some photo stuff and now I am officially pooped.  She had her camera, too, and I nabbed a few photos.  This is from Mack's piano recital last weekend:

He went for my camera again today, insisting on putting the strap around his neck and everything!  We snapped off a few of Nana -- mostly her chin and neck, but he'll get better with practice.  Cute li'l camera bug.



I love this picture!


Sounds like a busy day. Turkey soup would be great right now!


I officially love your photos.

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