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21 November 2009

Awesome busy day

Mack's first piano recital was so worth the getting up early and the long drive.  Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star... with color-coded stickers on the keys... so.worth.it!

We had a little pizza for lunch, some visiting -- the weather was MARVELOUS -- I delivered some portraits, and then we (Katie, Mom & I) decided to run over to the antique mall.  It's a really nice mall and someone usually finds something -- it's better for the checking account if we don't visit too often.

Well, guess what?  We found something!!  (I totally found it, pointed it out to her...)  There's a new apartment to decorate, you know.  Katie's taste, style, sensibility is TOTALLY different -- not better, not worse, just her own -- and it's so much fun because we get to scope for completely different stuff.  Photos will be forthcoming, but some descriptors for now:  table and chairs, red and black, lucite and laminate.

I didn't get any photos of Addison today.  He was wearing the made-to-order Wonderful Wallaby that I made for Mack a couple of years ago -- the one with a truck on the front! 



The picture of your nephew at the piano is terrific. Of course all your photos are remarkable. It sounds like a great day.

Bestill my beating heart. You definitely need a sheriff around. This little guy is going to steal hearts for sure!

Sounds like a fun day! No performance anxiety for Mack, eh?

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