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10 November 2009

All that remains is the faces and the names

When I heard this song on the radio yesterday, I knew I'd have to post it today.  Thirty-four years ago today, the Edmund Fitzgerald was lost -- it was my senior year at a small high school in far northern Wisconsin, not far from "the big lake."  To my ear, this is one of the best songs ever written.

* * * * *

Well, apologies, but I'm still catching up.  What was I doing?  Where was I going??  What am I in the middle of???  How many thousands of emails and blog posts behind am I (I think I'll be hittin' the "mark all as read" button today)?  There's a zillion old things in the hopper with a couple of new wrenches tossed in... *sigh*

Good thoughts, wishes and prayers for my sis today... she's meeting with a new (not by choice) oncologist... the support group is, by her request, lighter than it's been so... anyway...



That's one of my dad's favorite songs and I grew up listening to it. I didn't know so many people were on the boat when it sank, though.

Love the song. I was a senior in high school then, too. . . Have fun digging out and catching up. I'm doing same.

Thanks for the link, I'd never heard the song before, but I love songs about real life events. One of my favourites is Cold Missouri Waters by Cry Cry Cry (although Richard Shindell is the main voice) about the Mann Gulch fire.

I remember it well, and how poignant that event was.

I'm from Ashland. Are you from near there?

I could see the lake from our house. This song always gave me the creeps and I refused to listen to it. Somehow I still know all the words by heart though.

The last time Dale and I saw Gordon Lightfoot he got a standing ovation for this song. It was awesome.

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