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Weekend quick trip

I made a special trip south on Saturday afternoon to do a family photo shoot on Sunday morning -- it was a good excuse to go spend some time with Mack and Addison.  I gave them the Green Bay Packer helmet & uniforms sets that Mom send down, we played outside, had supper together, and read bedtime stories -- and I hit the hay right about when they did!  I'm pretty sure that Mack slept in his new uniform (minus the hard plastic shoulder pads and helmet).

I was gently awakened by Addison on Sunday morning.  He crawled in and jibber-jabbered while I stretched and dozed.  He was just two in August and, while he talks up a storm, he doesn't pronounce all the letters correctly yet, so I wasn't quite sure what he was saying to me, over and over, 'til he slid out of bed and dragged a couple of Tonka and Little Tikes toys into the room -- right into bed!  "I'll get your digger."  Mine was a frontloader, his was both a frontloader and a backloader.  Heehee!  Soon Mack joined us, hoisting a digger of his own onto the bed and, before we vacated completely, a dump truck had found its way in, too!

Diggin' the digger

I had a great photo session and was home by the start of the 2nd quarter of the Packer game.  I watched the rest of the game while downloading and backing up photos, unpacking my gear (camera stuff, clothing, knitting), and folding laundry.  I went to the grocery store and made supper (pecan-crusted* salmon - YUM!), then went up to the coffee shop for a couple of hours to help Ali do a little repainting.

DH was busy re-working the closet area and finish-painting our new bedroom over the weekend.  The room is being measured for carpeting today!  I'm SO excited.

*I misremembered the recipe, which is actually for sesame-crusted salmon, but until I can find a source for bulk sesame seed, I'm not making anything that calls for more than a couple of Tbsps!  I made the recipe almost exactly, substituting pecans for sesame seeds -- probably a bit more fat that way, but I'm still plugging away, a 10th here another 10th there, and this morning I weighed in at my lowest yet.  My clothes are definitely fitting differently -- I kept having to hike up my jeans during the shoot yesterday (I don't even think about what I'm doing or how I look as it happens, but I get into some weird positions and, especially when shooting kids, it can be a bit of a workout!).

Happy Monday! ~



The salmon sounds wonderful (and even better with pecans). The newly decorated bedroom is going to be so nice.


Healthy fats are good anyway. Keep on with them! They should not get too low. And congratulations on the progress.


Just wanted to let you know that you can get sesame seeds by the 1/2# or 1# bag at Penzey's...and I know there's a store in Appleton or you can order online!

Sara Schraeder

I was also going to recommend Penzey's. Their sesame seeds are quite reasonably priced and in larger quantity than the 1/2 oz grocery store variety. And they taste better.


Congratulations on your progress! Try an asian market for inexpensive sesame seeds. Waaaay cheaper than even my local spice store - and they have great prices.


Sounds like a lovely way to wake up!

Mmmmm. I'll have to give your idea a try the next time we have fish at home.

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