Ham Bone


I let it all get to me yesterday and had one of the most stressful days I've had in a long time.  I'm normally pretty laid-back and easy-going and usually do a good job of handling and/or juggling stuff, but yesterday the wheels came off and I was a wreck, nearly dissolving into tears at one point -- it would have helped if I'd felt one iota of sympathy or saw even a glimmer of a smile at that point from the people who were supposed to be helping me -- instead, the stony-faced sent me on my way with a clear-as-mud instruction sheet and I developed an ulcer on the way home.

Haha, not really.  But OH!  I had SO much to do -- there has BEEN so much to do, some of it so TEDIOUS!  Progress IS being made, it's just that it feels like I'm chipping away at everything and not getting any one thing done!  Dependent on so many other people to do what they need to do, circumstances of time, schedules, work, weather, and availability are all conspiring against me!

Meanwhile, I'd contacted my old neighbor in August with a suggestion that we get together for dinner and, when we couldn't find a day that worked, I suggested that we try again in September... and now we're three days from November!  What happened to October???  Time is the worst conspirator of all.

By the end of the day, I had calmed down some -- a little retail therapy helped, nothing exciting, just a couple of new turtlenecks (it's been so cold), plus I purged and moved some more of my closet.  There's still a bunch of stuff on my list, but I'm not stressing on it so much -- it'll get done -- and my tummy ache is gone!  I guess I needed a freak-out day.

I took some time for some phototherapy, also.

Golden yellows and browns

I do believe the color inspiration for my next interior decorating project is in those hostas.  It won't be happening anytime real soon, but there have been paint cards taped up next to the colonnade in the living room for a while now -- in shades alarmingly close to the color we just painted the new bedroom, and the color of our soon-to-be-old bedroom, and the color of the downstairs bathroom, and in the same family as the kitchen.

My crucified crab apple

Crab apple leaves

My crucified (espalier) crab apple is amazing right now.

NuTone exhaust fan

And I played a little.  The motor on this old NuTone exhaust fan from Kate's apartment is seized up, so we're in search of a replacement.  I thought I'd pretty it up a little.

Happy Thursday.



Some days (unfortunately) are like that. Bleh. Looks like you found the beauty in the . . . ordinary. . . to turn things around. (The colors in that hosta are really incredible right now.)


Did you try the cathartic scream? Sometimes that is the only thing that helps, although being of stoic Norwegian stock myself, I have no personal experience with it. Glad you are feeling better today. I am so looking forward to seeing your final color choices for your redecorating!


hope today is a better one!


You've always bounced back from a melt-down (or near melt-down) quickly. Your pictures would make anyone smile. Love the colors and textures you capture.


Your photos are therapy for ME!!!! Lovely, lovely. Glad things are looking up a little.

steph VW

I love it when you need phototherapy! Love the espalier tree - I've always wanted to do that, but alas, don't have the right spot for one in my yard.

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