Weekend quick trip


And boy, how!  Things went a little haywire for a few hours yesterday afternoon in the realm of vehicles and transportation -- mostly at work and, thankfully, nothing with my car (knocking on wood), but Katie's was somehow sucked in.  She dropped DH off at the flooring place to meet me and finalize the carpet order before heading off for a pre-spelling bee meeting with her team.  We were barely on our way there, ourselves, when I got a call from Katie -- her car was running fine, but not moving because her transmission locked up and she couldn't shift into gear.  This is at 5:00 p.m., at a busy and sometimes dangerous intersection.  Not fun.

DH ended up staying with the car and waiting for the tow truck while I took Katie to the "bee."

The theme was "back to school" and Kate's team dressed up like a football team.  They had numbers on their shirts, nicknames and slogans -- pretty cute, and they won for best costume!

Aren't they adorable?  They came in about 6th place out of 14 teams.  The emcee kept calling their team "Half-Time Books" -- I don't know if he couldn't read the sign or if their costumes threw him off.  It was a great turn-out and a nice fund-raiser for the Literacy Coalition.


"Orange Crush"  -- does she look like "the crush station" to you?

We stopped by Joe's Garage after the bee to see about her car.  Something about air and bubbles, the transmission and clutch, bleeding the line... and off she went!!

Busy day!  I'll be finishing some stuff that I didn't quite get to on Wednesday and I've got to spend some time cleaning up my studio/office!  Busy weekend!!  Heading south for a family photo shoot on Sunday, and will pop in at my sister's for a visit with the boys, too!  If I don't check in over the weekend -- y'all have a great one and I'll see you on Monday!



Whew, glad it was not a $1,000 repair. Have a great weekend!


Thank goodness the car was an easy repair and you could all work together so she didn't miss the event. Plus, you were there to document it. Hope your weekend is fun and restful, too.

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