Northwoods redux, but colder and more golden and with snow!

Dual-coated and primitive

Navajo-churro That's me!

I found the Which Ewe Are You quiz at Alison's the other day.  It's a fun little quiz, part of the promo for The Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parkes.  The link also shows her book tour stops, beginning with Rhinebeck, of course.  Looks like a great book to add to the library.

I just took the quiz again with the same result.  Heh.  Dual-coated and primitive.  I love that.

Katie is going to pick me up after work tonight and we'll head west, swinging by to pick up Maddy, before heading north!  Yes!!  I'm heading to Uncle Duck's cabin for the second time in two weeks -- the color was great last time, but they say it's "peaking" right now.  It's a very real possibility that we could see the first snowflakes of the season.  I brought earmuffs and gloves.

I've seen snow there before, but it's been a while.  We had Christmas at the old cabin a few times when I was still in high school.  Christmas 1975, for sure, because Grandma gave me a quilt she tied, and she wrote my name and hers along with the year.  We'd cut a tree on the island and prop it up in the wood box, decorate it with a homemade tin foil star and paper chains, light a big fire in the old pot-belly stove.

See you on the flip!  Have a great weekend, everyone.



I'm Shropshire...

Have a fabulous weekend - sounds divine, if you ask me!


Ah, sounds like a wonderful place for Christmas. I'm looking forward to your photos!

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