Dear Blog


Yeah.  It's so deflating to work hard on a post and then see it vanish **POOF** right before your very eyes.  There was lots of talk and pictures about knitting -- mostly about scarves and shawls -- and keeping warm.  And about how I heard the word "chic" again last night when I wore shadow[]box to book club.  So funny.  Wearing it tonight to a spelling bee.  Tres shiek!  Hehee!  Anyway, Katie, aka "Orange Crush," and her fellow booksellers will be competing to benefit the Fox Valley Literacy Coalition.  Should be fun.

I'll re-inflate and be back tomorrow.



You were my inspiration to start the flat belly diet, and I am doing so today. How is it going with you?
Nice to have such good reception to the shadow box. I have not started that!

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