Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I forgot about you today.  I know, I know!!  On and on I went yesterday about you and life-sharing, life-saving, life-changing!!

I launched at 8:30 a.m. and was in the dentist's chair by 9:00 (though not before a thwarted stop at my current credit union, having apparently forgotten exactly what is meant by "banker's hours").  Then it was a stop at my former credit union to open my new Health Savings Account (which will someday come in handy for paying the dental bills... and more) (my current CU doesn't offer HSAs) (kind of a pain, though not so much as in the past, what with online access).  I also had to stop for yarn -- one more hank of Silk Garden and some Lamb's Pride Bulky for a promised project (which I forgot about!).

I was able to walk from Home Depot (another gallon of paint for the bedroom) to Office Max (for, um, office supplies), but otherwise I was zipping around and in and out of the car a lot!  After a final stop at my current credit union (open door!), I went home and unloaded all the paint, yarn and office supplies, then waited for Mom to pick me up for coffee/lunch at Ali's!

I coulda used a nap.  Instead, I'm dumping or burning old files and downloads to make some room on my laptop's nearly full hard drive!  I knew this day was comin'!  And I have some other book work to do, too.  While the laundry's drying.

Welcome to my day off.

Since a post isn't a post without a photo, and since everyone and my brother (and mom and dad) are traipsing in to look at the photos from our recent weekend up north, I thought I'd post one from the archives of another weekend up north.  I may have posted it before; it doesn't really get old (except for the hairstyles and glasses) (what in the world was up with my hair???).



Julia in KW

Ok - I'm curious...what is a Health Savings Account? I know I could look it up, but it's so much easier to ask it a registered account of some sort?


Leaving the blog friends in the lurch was a big concern for me while I had to be away and now I'm strong and ready to return. The blog (and the friends you make) can be a big lifesaver. Thank you for reminding me why I love blogging.

steph VW

A Health Savings Account?!?! Whoa... that's just, well, that gives this Canadian a little perspective.

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