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27 October 2009


I ♥ Faces

This was at least the third costume change of the day...

Very serious super-hero mode.  I can't get over his eyelashes, those sweet lips, and that creamy skin! 


Such a face... The Superhero in Repose!

The contrast between the sweetly sleeping babe and the black evil-ish mask is breathtaking. Yeah, I know, Batman is a GOOD guy, but still...

Oh, those lashes! Batman never looked so sweet. . .

That is an amazingly cute pic!

Holy great images Batgirl! Nice super powers with the camera.

He's way too cute and cuddly to be the dark knight!

Holy photography batman - so cute!

As kids, we never did much but the ole' cheap hobo or princess costumes...6 kids, not much money. With my kids it was all home made as well,but now with the grands, I love the fun costumes they can don. That is a great pic!By the way, doing better with the diet now, I am about 6 pounds down. S l o w l y moving in the right direction. How are you doing? Jenny

What beautiful photography!

He is a great looking Batman!

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