This morning's walk
Dem bones


Wow!  That extra, unscheduled day off (Tuesday) made for a very busy Thursday morning at work!  It is Thursday, right?  September 3rd?  'Cuz this is a VERY unusual schedule for me and my head's been sorta spinnin' all morning!  Y'know what that means... Random on a Thursday!

The head-spinning only got worse upon learning about Margene's illness and impending surgery and it took a while to recover from that news this morning.  All the best in the world for a quick and speedy recovery to you, Margene!

An important appointment came and went yesterday and I am feeling relaxed and relieved.

I celebrated by starting a new knitting project.  I saw Theresa's Rav_link Shadow[]box (a free, downloadable pattern) the other day and fell hard.  I am using Dale of Norway "Heilo" and Rowan "Kidsilk Aura," mainly because I misread the pattern and really liked the vision I had in my mind, particularly given the supplies at hand, so I ran with it; there's some adaptation due to gauge and whatnot but I'm confident it will all work out.  And wow.  Yummy.  It's a lovely maroon and definite potential for wearing it to death.  Did I mention yummy?  Oh, and that I'm knitting the large size... on straights?  One hundred and sixty-some stitches is about the limit on my 14" Boye needles.

There has been some very excellent and encouraging news regarding Ali and the coffee shop -- lots of behind-the-scenes goings-on going on lately.  Keep those fingers crossed a little while longer!

Maddy is coming "home" for the weekend.  I hope.  She called me from the driver's seat this morning and said that she didn't know if she could get out of town!  She thought she knew, but I guess not quite, and was driving around hoping that something would look familiar and nothing did.  Between giggles, we determined where she was and how to get where she needed to be.  Heh.  (Note: Get that girl a map!)  (Seems like I did.)  (Note: Make sure the girl knows where the map is and how to read it!)  Her social/work calendar is quite full for the weekend, so I expect only to catch an occasional glimpse.

We are in for the most fabulous holiday weekend weather -- it's been quite delightful all week, actually.  I do hope we have a nice autumn.  Plans for a Sister Weekend in the northwoods are underway and it sure would be nice if the weather was fab; we'll have a good time, regardless (we always do).


Hay Wagon

What's a post without a photo?  Flashback to last year.  I definitely have a thing about the farming and the hay, don't I?  OMG, that reminds me!  I had a dream about the bachelor farmers the other night!  I've never met them and didn't really "see" "them" in my dream, but it was all about the haying and those wonderful little haystacks dotting the field and someone else doing it the same way -- I don't know who it was, though, or where!  Could be a slight Marlboro Man/Pioneer Woman influence going on, too.  I dunno.  But pretty funny to be having farm dreams.

That is all.



I harbor a secret wish for a Marlboro Man of my own. I wouldn't dream of stealing Ree's - couldn't happen anyway. But, I smiled at the reference. Lots of content in here today that speaks to me. Thanks!


You sound very upbeat and chipper! YIKES about Margene!


You could be having worse dreams. ;-)
A quick weekend reprieve and then I'll return for surgery. Thank you for the good thoughts, my friend. I expect a quick recovery!

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