Feelin' stretchy
Sadness countered by hi.lar.i.ous.ness

Two weeks -- and Wednesday? How random.

So, when "that woman" started blathering in my ear at 3 a.m., I cut her right off!  I thought of Joy's and Carole's (yesterday's comments) and sent her packing -- go have a party girls!  I woke up rested.  I'll take it one night at a time.

It's been just over two weeks since I started "dieting" and I saw a brand new, LOWER number on the scale this morning.  I always get on two or three times to make sure...  YES!  Happy dance in the bathroom this morning!  My highest-ever recorded weight (including all three pregnancies) was on March 31st of this year; this morning, I'm 9 pounds down from that frightening benchmark.  I am still settling into and discovering the nuances of the Flat Belly Diet, but enjoying it quite a bit and the cooking has been fun.  Taking a hint from my daughter, I'm approaching the whole thing as if it were a project.

(Some thoughts.)

This morning, as I reached into my drawer for a packet of my favorite oatmeal -- Quaker Simple Harvest Maple Brown Sugar with Pecans (it doesn't have enough pecans, so I add some!) -- I noticed my bottle of Tums.  Hm.  I remember those!  I have them at work, both upstairs and downstairs at home, and a few in my carry-around bag.  I'd often have a handful in the middle of the afternoon, and another handful at the end of the day, some before bed and, sometimes, a handful in the middle of the night.  Guess what?  I haven't even THOUGHT of Tums in the last two weeks, haven't even had a HINT of heartburn.  How's that?  That makes me feel GREAT!

Warning (TMI, I'm sure):  I am a little pootier, 'specially later in the day.  Come see me early.

My consumption of Diet Coke has dwindled to little or nothing and I'm not missing it all that much.  Just a little.  I won't make a declaration giving it up completely, but I'm happy with the cutting way back.

I'm still drinking coffee as usual.  That's two cups in the morning, with half & half and a teaspoon of sugar.  I don't count it and never considered giving it up or cutting back.  Not negotiable.

This has to be something I can live with.

I'm drinking more TEA!  I get a big cuppa at the coffee shop every morning and enjoy it all morning long -- hot, warm, cold.  I'd been hooked on orange-spice, but switched it up to cranberry this morning.  I think of my grandmother -- she always loved tea!  Also drinking much more water, though notice that it's a little more challenging on the weekends -- when I'm not trapped at a desk!

Aside, my other grandmother would have been 101 last week!  She died at 57.  I was about 8.  Crazy.

What's a post without a photo?

Is it an egret?

Labor Day, walking the dog.  I thought it might have been an egret, but think it's actually a heron.

Plum at Plum Hill

Okay two; also taken that day: a little plum on the hill.



Wanted to let you know I'm pullin for you. I dropped 44 lbs a few yrs ago, felt great, have let 20 creep back and trying to get the motivation to start walking and being more careful what I eat. When you reach a certain point not only will your heartburn be gone, you'll notice you're sleeping better too. Best to you in your journey.


You shot her! Good for you!!


Congrats on the lower number - way to go! Re oatmeal, have you seen a recipe for steelcut (Irish) oats cooked in a slow cooker? You start it at night and it's waiting for you in the morning - I love it!


yay about the lower numbers.... but much more important is the lack of tums-popping, and that you will feel better.
take measurements (thighs, waist, arms, chest, belly.. you know, all the places) they will change a lot more than the number on the scale (and provide endlessly more entertainment).
I'll bet that you see a HUGE difference just from dropping out the diet cokes. The naturopath that I see said that Diet coke is one of the biggest weight-gain items that anyone can consume. (who knew?!)
I'm cheering for you!!


Did you send "those girls" over here? ArrgghhQ! up since 1:30 this morning. I gave up at 3:00 and just got up and started doing things. I'm pretty much caught up now and it's time to start the day!

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