I'm so pissed off at Typepad

Not feelin' the love


Apparently, insofar as personal/hobby bloggers are concerned, Typepad is pulling out the proverbial Welcome Mat.  Norma has summed up the situation nicely here.  I, too, am as loyal as the day is long.  I have both touted and defended Typepad lo these many (5.5) years, but now I feel pushed aside, trampled, stomped on, and ultimately betrayed.  That just won't do!  I really don't want to move my blog(s), but, as I wrote in my last communication to Typepad, this most recent change is UNACCEPTABLE.  Period.  It makes me sad, mad, and frustrated beyond belief.  I don't have time to research options and figure it all out (and I suppose that's that Six Apart is banking on), but I will if I must.

I've never had my own domain name because a) I was a little behind the times and it never even occurred to me, when I startedt his blog, to secure knitorious.com (a nice shop in St. Louis, by the way) until I was informed by the person who did that it was done; and b) what else could my domain possibly be???  I'd think about it now and then, but not expend much time or energy because it just wasn't that big a deal.

Ugh.  Whatever shall I do?  Any suggestions?



I made the switch yesterday. I don't have everything up and running yet, but Wordpress is easier to use than I thought it would be. Despite what it says on Typepad's export page, the photos and links mostly came over fine.

knittingdoctor.com was taken, I had to put a "the" in there.


How about imknitorious.com (I'm Knitorious)?

Or knitoriousknitorious.com?

kknniittoorriioouuss? Nah, that's just dumb.


VictoriaKnitoria, to complement your photo site? I think that one is my favorite.

Good luck! I, too, do not have the time to futz with moving to a new platform. Sheesh.

Word Lily

I'd suggest knitorio.us (seems available to me). And self-hosted Wordpress is the way to go (says the girl who isn't self-hosted for her main blog yet ... but it's still true). Good luck!


come on over to wordpress, the water's fine!

ps. I think if you made the switch your url could simply be knitorious.wordpress.com without having to buy anything (if that's what you wanted)


I, too, am in the same situation. I wrote to Typepad, and their response was basically that they made the change at customer request, so I could tough it. Seems like the only recourse is to move our blogs....


I wish I understood the nature of the problem better so I could get mad for you!


Take a look and see if VictoriaPictoria is taken... I just love that! I do feel like Deb, that I can't fully grasp the problem yet and how I feel about the implications to my own blogging future, but I sure hate their attitude.


I thought the victoriaknitoria.com suggestion was sweet. But, it looks like knitorious.net is available--which would work nicely!

Good luck with the transfer--I did it myself in 2008 and am much, much happier with Wordpress.

Oh, and don't forget that your pictures are hosted on typepad--there are some instructions here on how to get them transferred, too. A little more involved than just doing the posts, but so much easier than one at a time!



VickiKnitorious! :)

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Agreeing with Birdsong (as I so often do on lots of subjects) , you ought to grab VictoriaPictoria.com if it is available, that one is too good to get away. You blog can still be titled Knitorius at that domain.
Too bad about typepad.


I told Norma that Susan at "I'm Knitting as Fast as I Can" helped when I moved from livejournal to wordpress... by suggesting IHS Web Hosting Solutions. $15 a year, and they deal with the technical stuff. Peter has been great. I'll send you an email with his url and email. I like "VickiKnitorius" and "VictoriaKnitoria".

Alex Deve

This is Alex from TypePad. I feel very sorry you feel betrayed, and I wish there would be something I could do to change your mind. Clearly, we made a mistake with the last push and we're working right now to fix it. Our user feedback is extremely important, and we're listening to every one of them, and adjusting the things we do based on what they continuously tell us. Thank you for your patience and your loyalty. It means a lot to us and be certain that we're working on fixing the latest change.


Thank you, Alex. I will be patient and hope for a timely solution that I can live with. (Timely as in Very Soon, I hope.)

I wonder if Alex will come back to read this response... because that is the problem. In order for someone to read my response to their comment here they have to a) come back to this post to see if I've written one, or b) I have to jump through hoops to email my response directly to them (and ONLY to them, rather than to the WWW at large), and c) it didn't used to be that way. It used to work perfectly fine.


I did write to someone at typepad - not a ticket thing (although I did do the ticket thing and got the standard deal with it response). But I got a more helpful response. If you'd like to read it - let me know. My e-mail is tiennieknits@comcast.net - just to make it easier to reach me now. :)

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