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Under the arches



I got Ali and Kevin to come and hang out under the bridge yesterday so I could shoot them.  This time, I was on "this side" of the road and on the top step of a tall stepladder.  It was the middle of the day, so no dramatic light or anything, but that's okay -- the setting is pretty dramatic all on its own.  And this time, I used my 24-105mm lens and got a little zoom on.  As usual, I'm thinking of 10 different things I'd like to try next time -- and I think I could talk these two into a next time!

It wasn't all Typepad comment angst all weekend...

I made a quick trip south with Katie on Saturday.  She was contracted to do some work at my sister's and I went along for the ride.  I shared the driving, took some photos, did a lot of knitting -- relaxed.  It was good.  I should take some photos of the knitting, shouldn't I?  It's coming along.

Sunday and Monday were spent putzing around at home -- computer/photo stuff, laundry, cooking, all the kids in and out.  Maddy left yesterday afternoon with a laundry basket of clean clothes and some grocery money.  About an hour and a half later I get a phone call, "What street do I turn on again?"  Honestly, I never knew the girl was so directionally challenged.

The daughter of a family friend who will be attending Lawrence University flew in from Oregon late yesterday and I picked her up at the airport.  She was hungry but also tired, so while I made shishkabobs and got the grill fired up (I did it!) she fell asleep on the couch -- and fell asleep so soundly that I really didn't want to wake her, but knew that she'd wake up STARVING in the middle of the night if I didn't.  So I did.  And we all had a nice meal together.

I am so thankful for all of the suggestions about the blog and hosting and domain names.  (I have had for quite a while, now, by the way, and have as a subdomain for the photog blog -- which is, actually, also a Typepad blog).  I am also thankful that, even with the long holiday weekend, our voices have been heard by Typepad and have confidence that we will be well represented in negotiations by Norma, one of my fellow "legends of Typepad."  Heheheh.

(What day is it today???  This is going to be another screwy week!)



That looks like a great photo shoot, Vicki. Now I'm hungry for shish kebabs!


The first and third photos really emphasize the ogee arch shape of the bridge supports, implying that Ali and Kevin are in a Gothic cathedral. Very cool.

Andrea (noricum)

The first and third shots look like they were taken in a chapel! (The third, perhaps in Venice, given the water. ;) )


These are really cool! They do have a "church" like feel to them, well except for the ground! Love them!


4-6 weeks ago I saw a report that there is an actual disorder (3 word name) diagnosing people who get lost, even within buildings they know. It was interesting, but I don't remember the details.
Your photos are quite something. I do not have an eye for doing it, but I can enjoy looking.


How wonderfully appropriate, the bridge-building. That's what I did today with a couple of folks at Typepad, who have indeed heard our voices and are doing The Right Things. I feel very happy and positive about our conversation today -- I spoke with a couple of delightful people. And I was just writing a post for tomorrow, but I am overtired and have no steam. I was looking for images of bridges, but they're all too predictable and/or copyrighted, so I didn't bother putting an image in. Would that I were you, with those lovely bridge photos. It would be perfect. Heh. XO


Beautiful photos. You have such a gift for photographing people, Vicki.


love the pics of the kids - the arch effect is so stunning.


absolutely amazing photos ~ I love the bridge framing and you've made me open my eyes for photo-worthy bridges in my area.

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