Friday fluff (w/eye candy)
It's fab

Making progress

Well things are a little better in the realm of Typepad comments than they were at this time last week.  Far from perfect, our voices have at least been heard, apologies made, and efforts are underway to make it all better.  I believe there are some who have jumped the Typepad ship, I, for one, will be hanging in a little longer.  As Bob is my witness, I do NOT want to pack up and move 5 years of blogging to another platform.  No sirreeeee, I do not have time for that.

It's a busy, busy day -- going surprisingly well.  The dog's been walked, breakfast and coffee consumed, one load of laundry washed and in the dryer/on the line, the second load underway -- and I'm taking time from editing photos to share a couple.  Two of my faves from this morning.  Click for big (they're always better that way!).




Preparations for next weekend's big rummage sale will commence this afternoon.  Honestly, it's too late to back out now, but I can't wait 'til THAT's over with.



What wonderful photos! I am with you on not wanting to pack up and move... too much other stuff needing accomplished, and was relieved that real people listened and responded.


Okay, call me squeemish but the dirty toes were kinda icky once I embiggened. The face, however, is delicious!


You always manage to capture that wee boy so very well!


I'm one of the ship-jumpers. It's not for everyone, that's true. I'm quite happy with my decision, but it involves a lot of time at the computer that could be used to do something else.
Those dirty boy toes make me happy. I'm a big fan of grubby bare feet. They mean only one thing: good big fun, as my grandson would say.

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