Making progress
Feelin' stretchy

It's fab

...ric.  Fabric.  Fab fabric!




My sister read about my stop at the fabric store on Wednesday night, so I thought I'd show her what I found!  I either misread the content labels on the first two shown or was so taken with the designs that I blew off the content altogether, but those fabrics have little to no stretch; cut on the bias, however, we might be able to fudge some stretch.  (Mmm, fudge!)  The last one has plenty of spandex and is plenty S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y!  I really love it, too.  It's the only fabric I photographed twice (on the hood of Maddy's car).


With the exception of the "olive" fabric, the colors are lively but very soft and muted.  I just couldn't resist those colorful (but not blinding) hits of "pimento"!  I have plenty of a thin, lightweight, but warm cotton fleece for making these (and a few more) suitable for cold-weather wear, if desired.

It's the second of three four-days-in-a-row work weeks.  I usually work a four-day week, with Wednesday as my normal day off.  One might think that having a Monday or Friday off -- with the resulting 3-day weekend -- would be more attractive, and I would have agreed, but after nearly 6 years (I can't believe that!), I can definitely say that Wednesdays are the way to go!  On that schedule, I never work more than two days in a row and Wednesday is like a mini weekend (Monday is "Monday," of course, but Tuesday is like a "Friday; rinse and repeat on Thursday/"Monday" and the REAL Friday!).  I have the option to switch it up, obviously, and can also say that it's much easier working four in a row looking forward to Friday off as the carrot rather than slogging through after a used-up Monday.

Anyway, the next two weeks are Fridays-off -- the rummage sale at Mom's this week, then next week up north at Uncle Jimmy's with the siblings.  Carrot-on-a-stick...



You call it olive fabric, I call it sashimi. I must have missed something -- what are these delightful prints and your fleece going to be?


Awesomely fun prints Vicki! They will go with a lot of my wardrobe. The last one is my favorite, or maybe the 1st one....Thank-You. With Love.

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