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I'm so pissed off at Typepad

Typepad has been changing things up a bit lately, and so have I -- trying to be progressive, trying to roll with the punches, trying to welcome change.

I was using Typepad Connect recently for comments and I liked everything about it except that when someone would leave a comment on my blog, the default "reply to" address was a threaded comment/reply/conversation on my blog and the commenter never knew I'd replied unless they came back to check.

I hate that.  Who in the hell has time for that shit?

Not only that... my reply is often not limited to the content of my post, but I might expand into full-blown foaming-at-the-fingertips about something completely unrelated and, frankly, possibly quite personal that's between me and that person that I/they/we don't want all over the WWW, or at least not in my comment/replyconversation section.

So.  On Thursday, I ditched Typepad Connect and went back to the old, default Typepad comment handler.  I had a couple of comments, the reply-to was the actual commenter's email address... I was happy.

On Friday morning, something looked funny about the Typepad email notifications of comments -- AND the reply-to address was NOT the commenter's email address.  WTF!!!???  Didn't I just change that?  I went through all my settings, re-checking everything, and finally opened a Help Ticket.  Sure enough, within those 24 hours they changed the way Typepad handles comments so that they are threaded comments/replies/conversations.  WTF (again)?

WHY???  My reply from Typepad said that they added the feature because of the large number of requests.  Hello?  If people want threaded comments/replies/conversations, Typepad Connect works wonderfully!  At the very least, I would like to see the comment/reply/conversation threads as an OPTION -- either in regular comments or Typepad Connect... somewhere!  I AM SO PISSED OFF.  Believe me, I've registered my complaint.  I might even do it again.

What do you think, Typepad users?  Commenters?

At least it's a gorgeous day today.  Happy Saturday!!



With flare!



Norma (now norma knits) also is pissed off at typepad. We're all saying "wordpress"! And I see the "you may also like" links at the bottom of the typepad posts... how do they know what I'd also like? how do they know if you intended this particular post to be linked to those previous posts??


I am seriously thinking of switching. I think typepad is making changes geared to corporate types, not us. I know a number of people who have made the switch to wordpress fairly painlessly.


I'm unhappy too.... it's hard enough to find the time to respond to comments, but to have pull up an email each time is too much....and then who wants to read my response to someone else anyway? Thanks for posting about it tho- I thought I missed something, checked the wrong box or whatever. And thanks to my google search since it brought me here to your lovely blog!


Hmm. I'm behind as usual in my posting, so I haven't seen the new comment format yet. My comments were doing that for awhile, and then reverted on their own back to the old format...which I much prefer! I will add my voice to the protest. If I have to switch blog platforms, it may be the end of blogging for me.

Btw, what have I missed? Did I miss something on her blog? Hope she's ok.


I agree with you, Vicki... and also have to say that Sharon has a point. If blogging gets too complicated, it just isn't going to fit my lifestyle any longer, which would be a shame. I have met so many wonderful people this way, but want to have some control over my conversations, thank you very much!


Well, you already know how I feel about it. I've made a complaint, got an unsatisfactory answer back, and also followed up on a forum thread that Joan started. And I've taken some steps beyond that. Today I bought my own domain, and I've tried (unsuccessfully, because apparently TP has made it impossible) to export my blog to another service. But I will keep trying and I will keep looking. I've just composed my entry for tomorrow wherein I discuss this some more.

Someday there will be a, I promise you that. Now I just have to find a blog host that is capable of getting around the razor wire fencing that TP has put up to make it almost impossible to move. In relationships business and personal, when it starts to feel like I'm caged, that's when the claws come out.

Blogging USED TO BE fun. But apparently we hobby bloggers are no longer FUN for Typepad, and they've filled the playground with land mines, and don't care if we leave.

Fine. Fuck them, too.


Oh, and since it's a good Google String, I'm going to say: Typepad sucks.


I just know I wouldn"t want to piss you off!!


I am SO GLAD you posted this.
I have just been completely confused with typepad the last couple of days, and have gone in to change my settings a couple of times...sorry you are frustrated, but glad its not just me.

Carrie K

Ah, so not just me! I got that "ovewhelming request" bit from my help ticket - like who? Not me! And especially not me with NO WARNING WHATSOEVER. Not to mention, right after the rent check to Typepad cleared. Since when is blogging supposed to be time consuming work?


WordPress. That is all.


yee gaads. I hardly have time to answer the dear friends who comment - and now, must cut/paste their email addresses.
thank you for pointing this out, because I probably wouldn't have noticed that it was going to the blog, and I do the same thing you do with friends - I carry on personal conversation that just wouldn't be right on the blog....
off to see what can be changed on typepad to0 correct this glitch.


I am either switching to another blog service or ditching the blog altogether. The shitty comment changes by Typepad might be the straw that breaks my back.

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