The hints of fall are becoming more and more evident.


These are sumac that we transplanted on the hillside in back.  They kinda grow like weeds.


Soon they'll be afire -- this is just a hint of what's to come.  There's a fair bit of yellow and red appearing in the treetops, also.  Sure seems early for so many autumnal hints.

I think I'll be heading up north in a couple of weeks with some sibs -- the color ought to be inescapable by then.  I'm hoping for spectacular!  We'll be doing some relaxing, some traipsing around, and also some sewing.  I'm bringing my machine to make some do-rags.  I've found a couple of patterns online, but wonder if anyone has personal experience or a recommendation.

Is it Friday yet?  Ugh, only Hump Day?  I'm wrung out already!



I noticed today some vivid fall color, too. Trees are mostly green, so the red shows up really, really well. Time to break out the knitting needles. Oh, wait, I have been knitting all summer. Time to break out the wool!


Don't wait too long for the up north trip! My mom, who lives in Oneida Co., says things are turning early this year. She's put her swimsuit away already - most years she swims into September and once she even went for a dip in October!

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