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Hi there


It's kind of hard to post a picture everyday when the cameras sit idle, so I've been diving into the archives the past couple of days.  There are thousands of photos on my hard drive -- perfectly good ones -- that never see the light of day because there are others I like more or that better suit my needs on a particular day.  So, I've been diving in, finding a photo, opening it in Photoshop (sometimes for the very first time), and playing around.

Hi.  Not ready to resurrect the 365 selfie project, but kind of missing it.

Katie and I made Chicken Pad Thai last night -- it was great to have two in the kitchen for that one, as there was lots of chop-chop.  I couldn't find flat rice noodles and wasn't in the mood for running all over tarnation to find them, so used cellophane noodles instead.  Interesting.  It's what's for lunch today!  (I'll bet, like pizza, it would be good cold.)  A little later, on a whim, Katie whipped up Chocolate-Zucchini Snack Cake and, oh my, it's delicious and the serving size is substantial -- larger than I'd normally cut a cake.  I wasn't really due an extra meal/snack yesterday, but had to have a piece.  Yum.  And I reached a new low this morning, nevertheless.

Woohoo.  Going down.

Hubs will be home today, having been gone to the west coast for over a month.  He worked a couple of art fairs and painted a mural in a client's home; he drove up through Oregon and visited some old friends on the way home.  It'll be great to have him back, though there will be some adjusting -- one finds and falls into a different routine when flying solo.  It's probably not altogether bad that I'll be enjoying the company of sibs far away in the northwoods while he unpacks and settles back in; goes through his stack of mail and attends to some of the other things that have piled up; recharges for what's going to be a busy next month and a half.

The weekend starts tomorrow and I can't wait!



Your self portraits are some of my favorite photos. Enjoy your weekend!

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