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Dem bones

The foot bone's connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone's connected to the shin bone, the shin bone's connected to the knee bone...


I have ankles!  It's a crappy cell phone pic and may not look like much to you, but holy cow, it's been ages since I've had a discernible ankle bone.

Today is Day 4 of The Flat Belly "Diet" 4-Day Jump-Start and I'm feeling great.  I didn't actually weigh myself 'til the evening of Day 2, but between then and now I've lost about 1.5 pounds.  Granted, it's mostly water, but guess what?  Apparently, my body holds water like a camel that's heading into the desert.

My ankles have been swollen to some degree for a couple of years -- from just a little bit puffy to full-blown cankles (and somewhat worrisome edema... went to the doctor worrisome) -- my lower legs and calves very puffy, too.  A masseuse once described my skin as spongy, for whatever that's worth.  Well, my ankles are not swollen now.  I can feel a difference in my face (I may be down half a chin!), my boobs (I'll kind of miss those, it's been nice to have some for a change), my fingers and hands (maybe I'll be able to wear my wedding ring again one of these days)! 

One-point-five down, a whole bunch more to go!  These four days have been limiting, but really not too bad.  It's only four days!  I'm looking forward to moving forward and putting the rest of it (Flat Belly/Mediterranean) into practice.  I definitely think it's a plan I can live with.  Katie's been doing it with me and that helps; she's been huge into the journaling and the keeping track part -- she even found a few copies of The Ultimate Diet Logfor us.  I'm sure you've recently read that journaling and have a buddy are both very helpful in this type of endeavor.

I have given Zumba a break recently, for various reasons.  I went a few times in early August; September feels like it's half over already, there's so much going on, but I've got a nearly-full punch card in my bag (packed and ready by the back door!) and I will get back on track again.

Happy Weekend!!



Hang in there! Dieting is such a pain, and I'm glad you're doing it together with Kaite: I find it super helpful to have a workout/eating/weigh-in buddy.

BTW: love those sandals!


Good job! I am going to do the Ultrasimple diet (which is a lot about reducing inflammation) starting after Labor Day... a week of prep (including weaning away from coffee temporarily) and then a seven-day plan... hopefully on to saner eating after that. I decided I needed to get zumba DVDs to I could learn the moves, then use them or YouTube clips since the classes are so far away. I am loving being more toned.


Congratulations on finding your ankle bones!


I SEE them!!


Congratulations on visible ankle bones and wishing you continued motivation & success. My real question - who makes your sandals?! They are exactly what I've been looking for and I'd love to be able to find a pair.


Awesome ankles, ma'm. Good work!


That's great, Vicki! Around here we call those "before" ankles cankles. As in calf/ankle.


Came back to find the link about sending along supplies, and was reminded that I meant to tell you I found a cool calorie counter/exercise tracker that I now have on my Google homepage... I can see how much I'm eating and expending if I stay on top of my entries. It has helped me be more aware of what's helping and what's not!

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