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This morning's walk

Can't think of a title today


I called my sister Sharon (pictured above on August 13, 1975, with Uncle Bob) (I hope they don't mind my posting it) on Saturday while on the way home from delivering Maddy to college.  Sharon came with me five years ago when I delivered Katie to college.  I told her, "You should be with me now!  This is totally different.  I can talk and smile; I'm even able to laugh!"  Number One Child vs. Number Three Child; 2300 miles vs. 150 miles; four months before laying eyes on her again vs. five days.  It's different!  I think we might have gone as far as Salt Lake City on the return trip from CA before I could muster much of anything but tears.

Ah, well.

* * * * *

There are a million things going on -- I've taken an extra day off of work again this week (today) and hope to tackle a few of them -- keep this little head of steam going.  I've already taken a bunch of stuff to St. Vincent de Paul this morning and delivered a bag of ice to Ali, had breakfast and walked the dog, and maybe something else that I'm forgetting...

The fabric for the new window coverings has been washed, dried, ironed (thanks Mom!), and also cut (for the most part); I'd like to get at least half of that job done today -- for sure.  Then the other half tomorrow?

OK.  I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed.  The blog's been fed... time to maybe make a list!



I'll be taking Hannah next year and I predict I'll be a mess. We drove to her boyfriend's college last night and took him out to dinner with us. He's having a harder time adjusting than he thought he would and I thought he could use some friendly faces to cheer him up.

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