Morning serenade

Bucklin' down

Friday morning, 7:59 a.m., setting up the rummage sale.  Mom asks Joe to pull out and set up the hammock frame that his ex-wife sent over for the sale, muttering all the while that it's so big and it's junk and who's going to want it without a hammock and maybe they should just throw it away.

Friday morning, 8:00 a.m., first customer of the day.  "Is that a hammock frame?"  Mom says, "Yes, but it doesn't have the hammock."  Customer: "That's OK, I'll take it!  I have the hammock -- I've been looking for a frame all summer!"


I heard early morning music for the second day in a row yesterday from the same (previously silent) house.  There's a decided Country Western flavor -- older stuff, too.  Yesterday, it was Donna Fargo.

That video is kind of hilarious.  This morning, I took a different route and walked downtown instead.  There was no music, but more activity than usual for a Sunday morning because the Fox Cities Marathon is today!

* * * * *

Dad wrote yesterday and, for various reasons, has decided not to come just now after all.

* * * * *

So, the sale went very well and we got rid of lots and lots and lots of stuff!  We boxed up everything that didn't sell, save an armful of whatever, and it'll be picked up on Monday morning.  I have always boxed up everything that didn't sell, but that usually translated to "a lot" or "most."  This time, it truly is EVERYTHING and, I'll tell ya, it feels great.  Alison had the biggest take and the fattest envelope, and I believe she's earmarked most of that for a drywall project at the coffee shop.  Yay!  Improvements!!

Having spent two days selling trinkets and geegaws, I have to buckle down today and get some stuff done around here.  No doubt, I have a bill or two that's due.  The kitchen's a mess.  I did manage to get laundry going yesterday before I left, but there's a job or two that needs attention.  I may not even have time for football today.  We'll see...



Skip-a-dee-do-dah! Donna Fargo! Her hairdo just cracks me up. OK, the Marty Robbins I approved of, but your neighbors taste in music has slipped a bit with this one.


Once again, I wish you lived next door. I'm still waiting for you to come help with the wallpaper, and now I wish you'd help me with a garage sale. Heh. I suddenly wonder what's in this relationship for YOU. But it's all about me-me-me. :D


Love it! That's what's so great about yard sales, both helping someone find that magical item and getting rid of lots of stuff.


I am sooo curious about this new neighbor of yours (heh heh heh... not really) but what a hilarious video - and her 'outfit' would have been absolutely racey back in the day!
Glad you have had some success with the garage sales.

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