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Can't think of a title today

Where did it go?


I could ask that about the weekend!  It was crazy-busy here -- moving Maddy to college, continuing with rearranging things at home and ramping up the prep for an upcoming rummage sale, and including a visit by the nephews!  And cold!  Yowza!!  The arctic chill was definitely in the air yesterday.

My sis wanted 2-year photos of her youngest, including some in this adorable little outfit that my mom brought back from Italy.  Those are "cropped pants," "capri pants," "high water pants" -- whatever you want to call them -- not seen on many men 'round here (yet?), but on a 2yo???  Freakin' adorable.  And with the little cap, too?  Scrump-dilly-icious!  This was Round 2 (change of clothes) and I'd already resorted to bribery here and given him a Pez (from the Lion King "Pumba" dispenser in my hot shoe), but he dropped it and couldn't find it.  Where did it go??  (It's pink and barely visible under the laces on the shoe in the foreground)!!

Yes, we also sang Hakuna Matata!

Did I knit?  Yes, I did!!  Finished a square of the correct size for current square knitting and modified one that I'd finished earlier that was too small.  I located some other squares that had never been mailed (darn it!), so a trip to the P.O. is in my future!  I may be doing some legwarmers for a non-knitting photog acquaintance in Washington who has a party with an '80s theme coming up -- just the type of near-mindless knitting I'm looking for right now!

Have a great week.



Once again your eye finds the unusal and total darling shot of the babe.

theresa/t does wool

wow,Vicki...busy weekend..adorable babe!

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