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The rain may never fall 'til after sundown Camelot.  Camelot!  Camelot!


It rained in Camelot again last night.  Teddy died.

I'm sitting here trying to think of an equivalent, permeating thread -- good, bad, and ugly -- in my children's lives and there is nothing that even comes close.

Rest in peace, Ted; maybe play a little football with your brothers.



All my Irish Catholic upbringing is coming to the fore this morning. The Kennedys were royalty in my grandmother's home. Teddy was my favorite since he was the only one alive in my lifetime. He's done so much good as a senator. I am so sad he died now when we need him so much to get health care reform taken care of.


I was in the middle of a HUGE thing about how the Kennedys were SO MUCH a
part of my childhood and youth -- beginning with JFK's assassination when I
was 5, Bobby's when I was 10, the phenomenon and mystery of Jackie O,
Caroline and John-John, Rose (oh, Rose!) -- it was inescapable. I just
didn't have the time or patience to do it justice this morning. I am so
very sad, too; my heart is heavy and full.


I woke up and cried today. I will miss Senator Kennedy and am grateful for all he did for us in Massachusetts. I was so proud to call him my senator.


It was a shock to wake to this sad, sad news. I came of age with the Kennedy family as my heroes. President Kennedy died when I was 13 and Bobby when I was 18. They played large in my liberal tendencies. Our country needs Teddy. Whatever will we do without him?


Three amazing men.


I was 5 when JFK was assassinated and it was my first experience with death,
loss, grief of any kind and, of course, my feelings were a direct reflection
of the perceived emotions and reactions of my parents. It was profound.
It's a sad day.


Who is there to pick up and carry the mantle? I am so afraid none to walk in their shoes...

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