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10 August 2009

Stricken with a sudden case of wanderlust

So my new thing is not only to post everyday (every weekday, anyway) but to also include phoitos.  It was so hot and humid this weekend, I laid pretty low and so did my camera.  I had it out on Saturday for some work stuff, but not really blog stuff.

No problem.  That's what Flickr Archives are for!!  I went searching and this is what I found.  A year ago...


I was having fun with Maddy and Katie in NJ and NYC, seeing a show at MOMA; meeting up with Theresa and her family; hangin' with Cara and meeting Meli, meeting up with Georgie, C & M for pizza and going out for rice pudding.

We went out for rice pudding.  A year later, and I still can't get over that.


Cara drove us out to Long Island and we spent a couple of days with Ann and some time discovering Long Island.  That was a fun few days.

I really like to travel.  *sigh*

Other than laying low, my favorite activity on a hot and humid afternoon is (not very active) to go see a movie!  It was Julie & Julia yesterday afternoon and I love, love, loved it!  Stopped by my mother's on the way home to borrow Mastering The Art of French Cooking... watch for Boeuf Bourguignon coming soon to a table near me!!

I hope you had a good weekend!!  What did you do for a little fun/escape?


Oooh, I made boeuf bourguignon once using Joy of Cooking's recipe (I think, might have been Julia's). It was wonderful -- enjoy yours!

Your trip is a fun memory to revisit. You know how my weekend went. I'm expecting a much better one ahead.

That recipe is wonderful and I made it a couple of weeks ago. I had purchased both volumes of MTAOFC at our local goodwill over a year ago after reading Julie and Julia. Enjoy!

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