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Three very old (I'm told) bachelor brothers own a little farm across the road from work and I am absolutely smitten with it and, though I wouldn't know them from Adam, the farmers, too.  There's a well-kept yard and barn with fabulous outbuildings, a modest house, cute implements, corn and wheat and cows.

Sometimes I get to see the cows up close.  I only ever see the farmers from afar -- riding their tractors, working the fields.

The lay of the land is such and the corn so tall right now that soon I'll just barely be able to see the rooftops of the houses that back up to the farm on the other side.


They've cut the fields on either side of the corn -- a smaller one on the east side, and this larger one on the west.  Let's have a closer look... if you can see through the smudges on my car window (perfectly timed red light this morning afforded a hasty camera phone shot).

Wheat play

I can't explain how I feel about these little stacks -- about these fields full of them right across the street!  It's wheat, I think, and it looks so quaint.  I just love that little farm.



Oh I love it, too! That is America at it's finest, a quickly disappearing slice of Americana.


Hee hhe -- are they Norwegian bachelor farmers? What are they doing in Wisconsin? Get back to Lake Wobegon, you emigrants!


It's beautiful

Geek Knitter

It seems that a memo went around this spring to every farmer in the area... "Plant wheat, it's pretty!"

I love your photos!

Melissa V.O.

Maybe they are Dutch bachelor farmers rather than Norwegian, my Adrian is named after an old great-great-(great?) uncle who was just such a Dutch bachelor farmer near your area in WI. But anyway...the stacks look like something out of a Van Gogh painting like "Haystacks".


You must get up close and photograph the farmers - you know, stealth photography!

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