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Random Wednesday: Flashback Edition


I think I really loved my Indian costume when I was three.  I fixed the worst of the major scratches in this photo (Mom's face and hair!) -- one of my favorite things as a kid was to go through old photos jumbled in a box, but the scratching is a major drawback to that type of storage system.  Many years later, I put most of our photos into albums, which turned out to be a bad idea because of the type of albums (stupid "magnetic" pages) that I used.

I love this photo.  I love Mom and how expressive the twins are -- should have cropped myself right out of this scan because those three make it!

It was a long day yesterday.  In a nutshell, my sister is undergoing a course of chemotherapy during which scans will be taken at periodic intervals to determine effectiveness of treatment and, depending, carrying on or trying something else.  Basically: Wait & See.  And pray and hope and think good thoughts!

Knitting:  I completely messed up Transverse the other day.  I pulled the needles and unsuccessfully tried to pick up stitches -- no lifeline, of course, that would be too easy -- so it's in time out, sitting in a lump on my work table 'til I have the time and patience to deal.  In the meantime, some quick and much easier knitting of squares took place during wait time yesterday.  While I've been cabling without a needle more often than with lately, I'm currently knitting with cotton -- and perhaps a bit tight -- and a needle is a good idea.  I didn't have an extra needle of any type with me yesterday, so I channeled MacGyver and used the clip part of a removable pen cap (no duct tape required).



That is a great photo and the twins look so happy. You have a family of beautiful women. Smart fix for a cable needle. It wouldn't have occurred to me. Sending every good thought I can muster your way!!!!!


i'll deep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.


But you "make" the picture. It's like "Hey look - I'm the sane one in this picture - I have the Indian costume for crying out loud!!"

Added your sister to the Wednesday morning rosary group I'm in. Every Wednesday at 9:00 am my group will be offering one for her. It's what "we" do ya know.


I love that picture. Your mom's striped trousers are awesome!


My sister completed a similar course of chemo in April. She had the chemo one week and then the next treatment was 3 weeks later. I don't think it was every time but several times she had a CAT scan before the chemo and now she goes back for a check-up every couple of months or so. She has a CAT scan before those visits. I know this can be a trying time but just know that there are folks keeping you and your sister in our prayers. A positive attitude and good family support are very important to the patient and a good outcome is what we were told.


That is a lovely picture, Vicki! I hope your sister does okay with the chemo.


The absolute hardest thing about dealing with cancer is that the answer to every question is "it depends". The uncertainty is a major stressor and there is no "best" way to deal with it.

Prayers, meditation and relaxation exercises help some people, alcohol and drugs not so much (though anti-anxiety and anti-drepressant drugs can be helpful in some cases). Distraction is often helpful - knitting, spinning, weaving, crossword puzzles, art, pottery, photography are all tools that people use to help them live through the times when patience is not enough.

Every family has to find its own way through this maze of physical and emotional stress - I hope that you are finding yours.


My treatments were the same, and learning to live with so much "it depends" was one of the hardest things to do -- but somehow, it made me stronger. I'm sending love to your sister and all the family.


Oh, darlin' -- that photo is wonderful, and you are an integral part of it. Look at that happy face! XOXO


The four of you make that photo, Vicki. Sending healing wishes to your sister. Hugs

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