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My own Grey Gardens

I took an extra day (today) off this week because of this cleaning jag.  Yesterday, I took down the window coverings in the downstairs bathroom and threw them in the wash.  When I hung them on the line, I discovered they were in shreds.


All I could think of was how my house would resemble Grey Gardens if I hung them back up.  I made these treatments myself -- a big, poufy valance covering the top half of the window (above), and a white-on-white floral panel covering the lower -- and the windows MUST be covered as there's one to your right at seat-level when you're on the pot!  I must have made these 20 years ago or so -- I can't remember, can't even recall what was on those windows before!  The windows are on the west side of the house and don't get a lot of direct sun, but what they do get -- an early afternoon direct hit -- is fierce.  I am very pleased, really, to have had these last for so long.

So yesterday afternoon I took a break for fabric shopping.  Holy crap, that is not easy!  I started at JoAnn (they just moved into bigger, shinier digs) and found a couple designs that I liked, but heavier fabric than I wanted.  I ended up at a quilting shop and paid a lot of $ per yard, but the average is about $4/year if they last another 20 (and they should).

I washed and dried the fabric last night and really didn't even begin to ponder when I'd get to ironing, cutting, sewing.  The good thing is that they're just straight panels with hems and casings -- nothing fancy in the making at all -- but still, lots of TIME!!

Mom called this morning, wondering if she could come over and help me in some way.  I didn't really have a job for her -- this cleaning thing is 95% sorting, organizing and tossing and, well, I am her daughter but we have very different sensibilities and, yes, standards.  So I was putting her off once again when she asked about whether I'd found fabric for the bathroom.  I told her that yes, I had, and I'd already had it washed and dried.  Then the bell rang and she said, "Well, would you like me to iron it for you?"

That is truly a match made in heaven.  My mother has the cadillac of Rowenta irons (it has a separate reservoir to hold the water for steam) and she absolutely LOVES to iron!  Me?  I don't like to iron so much.  I have stuff that needs to be ironed (and/or buttons sewn on) yet from when the kids were little.  If stuff can't make it through the washer and dryer (or clothesline), then it's just not meant to be -- same thing with dishes and the dishwasher.  You can usually tell when I've ironed because of the lingering smell of scorched fabric.

I did not take a photo of the new fabric yet, but I will... pressed and folded and gently hung on a hanger.

Happy!  (It's the little things.)



I hate to iron clothes but I do enjoy ironing fabric for sewing projects. Can't wait to see your new curtains!


Bummer! I thought you were going to tell us that the curtains were 25 years old, then I could understand why they would shred. Hope you enjoy sewing your new curtains. It's not my favorite sewing project which is why we have only a few curtains in this log cabin :-)


New curtains will feel so good. You have enough work ahead of you with sewing all the edges. Good thing your mom has the right equipment and is willing to help.


Truly it IS the little things. And your mom sounds precious. I want her.


How nice they lasted so long. I'm one of those that likes ironing (at my leisure). I may have to spring for an iron like your mom's. Hurray for finding the right fabric.


New curtains are something I always love - its amazing what they can do for a room and for a mood.
Lucky you with the ironing - can't stand that job.

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