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I went to the hardware store with Ali yesterday to have some paint mixed up and, on the way in, spotted a lovely display of mums that refused to be ignored.  I like yellow and gold with the house, but the orange looked nice, too, so I found some that were a blend and brought them home!


And now I finally have a full front porch planter box!  I can't believe I let it sit there empty all summer.  I never even had pansies.  (I know!)  Our spring was so miserable and early summer wasn't the greatest; by the time the weather improved it just seemed too late to bother and my desire for digging in dirt had long gone, anyway.  I do believe this is the first time this year I've had dirt under my fingernails.


Ali's BF has offered to patch together my falling-apart, weathered, old oak porch chair, but the porch is nekkid without a chair of some sort.  I tried the hot pink-painted folding chair, and if it were a little bit bigger it might have worked -- I liked the color; in the end I pulled one of the "new" hand-me-down patio chairs from Mom up there.  It looks rather stately, though it leans decidedly to the left.  (It could be worse.)


I cooked on Saturday rather than Sunday because more people would be around then.  Katie picked up the ingredients I didn't have on hand, and that helped a lot.  I was a little bit scattered as I prepped and put together a delicious lasagna (oops, lightly scorching the tomato-meat mixture).  I eventually found my kitchen groove and even started cleaning!  I think I've (finally) been bit by the bug, as I'm making plans to take an extra day off of work this week... to clean!


I got rained on -- a yucky cold drizzle that made it feel a lot more like October than August -- during Friday night's "Art On The Town" event, prompting a stop between venues for my first hot chocolate of the season.  As a result, my head felt a little clunky all weekend and my throat was awfully sore and scratchy yesterday, but I think I've held a late-summertime cold at bay.

I took some time last night to watch Julia Child's episodes on French Onion Soup and Boulliabaise, and bound off the second of an undetermined number of project squares while watching her chop and whack.  She gives a good lesson on keeping knives in the onion soup segment, and OMG the whacking and the Big Fish in the other!  I'm using yarn left over from a sweater for the squares, and think I'll just keep knitting them 'til the yarn's gone.


Geek Knitter

No pansies?!? I cannot possibly have read that right!

Julia Child is my hero.


Your summer has been fleeting and cool. Hopefully fall will last long and be on the warm side of normal. Love the mums in the old planter and the chair as companion.


Your house is gorgeous. Once again, I adore your photos.....

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