Random Wednesday: Flashback Edition
Another bridge...

Katie under the bridge

I drive under this overpass frequently, as it is on my preferred route home from work -- which is different than my preferred route to work.  I started taking different routes home when I was prepping to quit smoking 4+ years ago -- it was one of the tips I'd read to change up the routine and confound the triggers and it's been documented before about how the after-work/driving-home smoke was the hardest for me to get over.  I started taking a different route to work after being smushed between two vehicles on the highway one morning, thanking my lucky stars to escape with only some wrinkled metal and broken fiberglass -- yeah, no thanks.


A.n.y.w.a.y...  I pass under this bridge on my way home and when I look to the right there are all these wonderful arches and when it's late in the day and the light is sweetening, I want to throw someone under the bridge and shoot them!  Heh.  It's so very true.  I love shooting people -- under bridges, in their own back yards, in museums and parks, in their own homes.  Problem is that while I often have my camera, I don't usually have a ready and willing subject.

'Til Tuesday!  I know you can hardly see her, but that's Katie.  I didn't have much with me by way of equipment, but enough to see if I was on the right track and whether something might happen.  Count this as #1 in a series.  I have some other ideas to try out.  I'm dieing to shoot more people under the bridge!

New blog alert:  little red fish litte red fish.  It's Kate's and she describes it as "...a blog about things i think are cool, and that's it."  It's... cool!



Yay for new bloggers! I'll add Katie to my Reader.


AWE-SOME photo!


I do love that bridge photo! Very provocative.


That is a great photo! I love how you've "placed" the arches and lines of the structures.


I'm still trying to get past "I love shooting people..". It's so you - in that "not you" kind of way!

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