Sunday Road Trip, continued


Well, here's the deal.  You can only do what you can do.  Sometimes life sucks, crappy news comes on rainy Monday mornings, and the resulting weakened state makes it too easy to get sucked into the toxic world in which others seem to thrive.  Well, it's Tuesday now.  We're exploring options; dealin'.  And remembering what a fun Sunday afternoon we had at the lakeshore.

Beach grass

We took a Sunday drive.  We pointed the car east and stopped when we hit water.  DH used to take the kids to this beach a lot.  I've only been a few times (maybe even only a couple) because that would always be my alone time at home.  I treasured that time; I could love my family better when I had time alone.  I'm told this beach was much more sandy and much less grassy in those days.

Rock collector

Alison was attending "Wimbledon" -- a fun, annual, weekend event held by the family of one of her BF's friends -- and Maddy will be visiting some folks 'round Sturgeon Bay in the next couple of weeks; Katie had the day off, though, and came along for the ride.  She is starting to prepare for a move into her own place and has some ideas about decorating in which these rocks will play a role.  I collected bags full of those flat black rocks -- big ones -- along the Lake Michigan shore in my youth.

Wisconsin's Eastern Lakeshore

It was a pretty stellar afternoon.  And very picturesque.


We drove up to Kewaunee, Algoma and Sturgeon Bay, hugging the shore the entire way.  I could live anywhere along that shoreline, absolutely anywhere; it awakens dreams.  We had dinner at the Sunset Bar & Grill outside of Sturgeon Bay and then a nice drive down the bay side of the peninsula to Green Bay and then home.

The plan is to knit out tonight!  I don't think I've touched it since Friday!!



Love, love those rocks!

and of course I will be calling you shortly to find out what is going on.


The best way to deal is to enjoy the simple, elegance of nature. What a beautiful way to spend a day.


Lovely pictures, as always.

After reading your blog for years, I've JUST NOW realised where you, geographically, are. And it's surprisingly close -- I'm in Sudbury, ON, just a ways east over the top of Lake Huron. What got me wondering was the place names you mentioned here: Sturgeon Bay and Algoma are names of towns very near here, in Ontario, so I was momentarily quite confused!

Anyway, just a random observation... thanks as always for the lovely images and interesting thoughts...


What a lovely post, and gorgeous photos to go along with it.

Bookish Wendy

I love this quote - "I treasured that time; I could love my family better when I had time alone."



The entire North Shore of Lake Superior is covered with those rocks (don't know about the south shore). They are perfect for skipping.


Your photos inspire, thankyou for that. I live in the Keweenaw Peninsula, and do not take enough advantage of the shorelines (and rocks). I would also like to take a photo class this winter which you have also inspired, and thanks again...


Hugging you!

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