Katie under the bridge
Mum's the word

Another bridge...

Bridge Over Trouble Water, Bridge On The River Kwai, Bridges of Madison County...

Under the bridge

...bridges in my 'hood.  I guess I'm finding them a little bit fascinating lately.

Ah, the weekend...  What's up for the weekend?  Well, tonight I'm going to Dave Jackson's SIMPLE+DIRTY "The Great Trespass" exhibit opening at Avenue Art.  And that alone might constitute the weekend's excitement as I have nothing else planned.  I must finish processing last weekend's photo shoot and get the proofs posted tomorrow.  On Sunday, I'm thinkin' it might be fun to see if I can remember how to be domestic.  I'd like to cook something.  I really should clean some(many)thing(s).

We'll see how that all goes.  Have a happy weekend!



The symbolism of bridges has always fascinated me and I love the one you posted today. It is a strong, evocative image. Thank you for sharing it.

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