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I don't have weddings-on-the-brain

Silo Silhouette

Silo Silhouette

Took the first left (north) after leaving book club last night -- the long way home -- and I was instantly in farmland.  Oh, how I love the landscape.

I did a few things before heading to bed -- including knitting four rows and ripping back three (and now I'm back on track) -- read for a bit and turned out the light.  I was in that in-between sleepy place, thinking that the dog was sure making a lot of noise coming up the stairs -- and why is the light on? -- when Maddy popped in to give me a kiss and tell me she was home!  I wasn't expecting her until today!  She sounded excited and happy and said she has tales of adventure to tell.  Can't wait.

Apropos of nothing, here's my new favorite YouTube video:

Paired with Bookish Wendy's "So Happy Together" exit song... perfect wedding.  I've already informed the girls... though, also, that I'm in no rush for any weddings 'round here... just, you know, for the file.

Happy Thursday!



That video was so much fun. I think that couple will have a fun, happy and long life together.


OMG...I LOVE that video!!! All new lives should start with as much joy and fun!!!


Loved the video! Picked up the phone to call my 25 year old daughter to tell her and she said, "Mom, it's on my screen right now." She loved it, too! But now you have to give me a link to Bookish Wendy's video. I found her blog but don't know where to look.


Thanks for the video! It was so wonderful...made me smile and cry at the same time!


I was in the CRANKIEST MOOD EVER until I saw that video. I'm going to steal your idea and post it in the blog too!!!

That is such creativity, such a memory, and can you imagine getting every member of your wedding party to agree to do this? How.MUCH.FUN!!!

Rhonda the StitchingNut

That was the BEST entrance to a wedding ever! I also laughed and cried at the same time. What a great bunch of friends they have to join in and no wonder; they look like they must be a fun couple themselves. Hope you don't mind that I post it on my blog. I'll give you create for finding it.


Thanks for sharing that video. Got the tears flowing here. But what fun!

Julia in KW

It made me laugh - it made me cry...but crying with joy is great! Thank you for the BIG smile!

Bookish Wendy

You know what is so cool about you bringing this up?! (aside from the fact that you still remember). Today is my 5th year wedding anniversary!!! Love you, w


Thanks for posting that video - it made me tear up a little, but I loved it!


What an awesome wedding video!

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