Ten on Tuesday
Mural update!

Random Wednesday - the busy edition, with added angst

1.  I have a list a mile long today!  I have mostly good things on the list -- stuff I don't mind doing -- there's just lots of it.

2.  Exasperated with Internet Explorer and their stupid security messages every three seconds and knocked off for no apparent reason ONE TOO MANY TIMES this morning, I took time out of my busy schedule (see No. 1) to download Firefox again.  I always used to use Firefox, but it was having some major issues a few months ago and I kicked it to the curb.

3.  I'm back!  Finger's crossed that whatever was wrong with the 'Fox (I don't even remember) is now fixed.

4.  I've missed the FlickrFox add-on in the sidebar most of all.

5.  I did, indeed, reach the half-way point on the Transverse Scarf yesterday, but I did it knitting at home rather than out.  There were some exciting, late-breaking developments close to home and I felt that I needed to be there.  I made the right choice.

6.  Big, exciting stuff about which I'm going to be rather vague.  If you've been following along at all over the past six months or so, you've probably guessed right.

7.  I hate when people blog about big, exciting stuff and then be vague.

8.  Sorry.

9.  A big box containing these...


...came in the mail yesterday.  I've never ordered anything a) so large, b) so expensive, c) so blindly, or d) in such a quantity given (a) and (b) and (c).  They are gallery-wrapped canvas, stretched around a frame and they turned out better than I imagined.  I leaned them up against the garage door (if you look closely, you can see the mark that Ali left when she was learning how to drive).  I dragged some people to  the front of the house yesterday to provide some scale...



10.  Breakfast is ready!  Have a great day.



I love the canvases! As an amateur photographer myself, one with an ill-advised account with a local print lab, I've been curious about gallery wraps. Yours are gorgeous!

Found you through Carole Knits in her archives.


I thought I'd been following along pretty well but I'll admit to my ignorance over what the "big thing" could be. Good luck with whatever it is!

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Awesome big canvas prints- I love the wrapped look! I have a hunch about your big news and I hope it's what I think it is. [Do you think anyone is going to accuse you of expecting a baby ;-) ???]


Ha, ha, Gale. That was my last thought. I hope its what I'm thinking it is, Vicki! The photos are marvelous and so is your new header. I'm waiting with anticipation!


I had a lot of trouble with Firefox (mostly in relation to WordPress) a few months ago, but that seems to have passed.


Yeah, what Carole said. I thought I was paying attention. Then again, I have some big exciting stuff about which *I'm* going to be vague, too. Must be the planets or something. This literally JUST came out -- lemons out of lemonade kind of thing. But mum's the word. So now I'm leaving a mysterious comment about mysterious stuff and that is just rude. Sorry. :)


I got nothing...but "vague" keeps us coming back that's for sure!


I have been following along faithfully, but what is obvious to the people involved is never as obvious to me. Or apparently to the rest of your readers :-) I'd guess a, quit job and be pro photog full-time, or 2, a wedding in your future to plan.

Am I warm?


LOVE the canvases........looking forward to creating something like that someday as well.....


Hope the good news is what I think it is.....I have it going two ways.......Professionally or Family related...

Can't wait to hear!


The canvases look wonderful and I like the family shot of all three/six.

Crossing my fingers for you and yours on the vague news. :D

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