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"Twenty-two," hubby said.  That means that Melanie @ FrenchKnits is the winner of the bedtime rituals contest with a wonderful adventure story about her grandfather!!  I can't help but think "Big Fish"... um, "Big Tiger"... um, tantalizing tall tale!  Congratulations Melanie!

This may have been my favorite contest to date.  I truly loved reading everyone's entries -- some so heartbreakingly sweet, others so sublimely silly -- and I thank everyone for sharing their little thing.

New chair

Scored this funky chair at Goodwill yesterday.  I love the color and the shape; because it's a prop and I'll be dragging it around with me, the fact that it's lightweight is a big bonus!  I've been borrowing chairs from the coffee shop, when needed, and now... well, I won't have to borrow as many!

Katie testing the new chair in the front garden

I dragged the chair out front for some photos and then Katie came along and I made her sit.  The sun was just disappearing behind a house across the street.

Katie's cute 'do

Then Scamp came along.

Katie and Scamp

Have I mentioned that Katie's been biking?  A few months ago, she bought a Trek, a helmet, bike shorts and a couple of jerseys, and started pedalling.  Sometimes she gets up early in the morning -- earlier, even than me -- to get her ride in, and really misses it when she has to skip.  A few weeks ago she clocked her first 20-mile ride.  Yesterday, she marked her first 30-miler!

New chair in the garden

She deserved a little sit!!  Congratulations, Kate!!



Congrats, Melanie!

Yay for Katie! I'm getting back into cycling myself and I understand how she feels about missing days.


My parents have a chair just like that one, except with a blue/green upholstery. It belonged to my great grandma. Gotta love thrift store scores! I got a nice oak and blue fabric dorm chair for my oldest daughter for $5 at the UW Swap shop- that $5 chair has become one of the most popular in the house.

Good on Katie for the cycling. 30 miles is no easy feat!

Love the light in the photos- I always feel like I look my best with the "alpenglow" sort of light hitting my skin. Gives a nice, goldeny-rose sort of hue.


That's a lot of bike riding - good for her!


1. Congrats to Melanie!
B. Why is the chair a prop? Why are you borrowing chairs? Why are you dragging one around with you? (They don't call me [Kurious] Kat™ for nuthin', ya know.)
III. Maybe we should introduce your Katie to my Younger Son. He has been biking like a fiend, too.
d. I love that first photo of the chair -- you must have been flat on your stomach!


The photo of the chair is kind of enchanting. I want to sit in it!

Yay for biking, I really wish I liked it.


Congrat to Katie on her riding mileage! Does she have any advice for someone thinkig of getting on a bike after a 30+ year hiatus?


That is a sweet chair!! Congrats Katie!! That is inspiring!

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