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People are going places

Maddy left last night and will soon be in Canada, on her way to a 9-day voyageur wilderness adventure in Ontario.  She'll be hiking, camping, canoeing, portaging, and leaving no trace that she ever was there.  Moving forward.  She'll no doubt bring back some great photos to go with the memories, and I'm hoping she sees a moose or something exciting.  Katie made this trip a few years ago and counts it among the best things she's ever done.

On Saturday, my mom and her husband are leaving for Milan.  Yep, Italy.  I know!!  It's "for business," and came up just within the past couple of weeks.  There will be work to do, of course, but they're taking a few extra days for sightseeing.  I think they're hoping to visit Rome and, for sure, they'll be meeting up, at least briefly, with my niece who is in Florence for a month-long program studying photography.

Not to be left out, I'll be travelling this weekend, too.  I'm going to Knitting Mecca (a.k.a. Marshfield)!  Once again, I'll be going not as a camper but as a Knitting Camp visitor.  It'll be wildly exciting to see Kathleen, Ricki, and Ann (for the second time in four months!).


The weather should be fab, so I might be able to get in a return visit to Foxfire Botanical Gardens; though the weather should be fab and -- even if the weather wasn't fab -- it's a summer Saturday so there's probably a wedding (gorgeous venue).  I can't believe it's been three years since my last visit, which was actually my first.  Maybe some shopping, then, or meeting up with the aunts; I always find something fun to do in Marshfield!



Ooooh, is Maddy going to Algonquin Park?

How exciting! She is going to love it, love it, love it. I spend 10 years in the Ottawa region and absolutely LIVED for the chance to go canoe-camping in Algonquin!


Have a great time! Someday I hope to go to knitting camp. Someday...


How fun for Maddy! And to think, I can barely let mine go to the mall without me! Enjoy your time as a camp visitor with the pals.


Sounds like you all are having good adventures! Have lots of fun! Beautful hostas and path. Forward!!!!


I'll be at knitting camp this weekend. I'm sorry that I'll just narrowly miss you again this year. Have a great time visiting.


Sounds like great trips...for everyone. btw, when you see Ann, let her know her blog is a bit stale will you?? I mean really, if you can keep your blog current, then she should too, isn't that how it works??..

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