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Silo Silhouette

Happy Bokeh Wednesday!

Experimenting with focus

Playing around with some different focus features on the camera. (Forgot this was even in the camera!)

Have spent all day getting print orders ready to send... I think I've got it!  Or maybe one last check...

Book Club tonight... though it's one of our purely social get togethers and we aren't even discussing a book... though I'm sure "a book" will come up... or two or twenty.  We chose tonight's location specifically for outdoor seating, but I'm afraid it's going to be too cool to enjoy it!  I read Home by Julie Andrews (Mother's Day gift from Ali) for next time.  I'm currently reading This Lovely Life by my friend Vicki Forman, also for next time.



Outstanding! The color is so rich...


VERY NICE! what setting did you use? I have a Canon Rebel XTi---not sure if mine has the same setting as your 40D but I'd like to try.... :)

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