Ten on the Last Day of June
Heads up!

Cleaning up


Maddy had one of her occasional episodes of spontaneous cleaning yesterday.  She started in the computer/laundry room, made her way through the kitchen, and ended in the garden room.  I'll have to deal with a bunch of stuff out on the back porch that was "cluttering up" the garden room -- mostly my collection of broken china for the mosaic projects in my dreams.  This is just the beginning.  The house is going to go through a major shift in the next month or so -- cleaning, rearranging, repurposing.  Stay tuned.



Wow! It sounds like many changes ahead.
Sending lots of good thoughts your way.


Any chance she'd like to come to MY house? I do find it's a bit like exercise, it's the getting started part that is hardest. Best wishes for your reworking of things.


I always love to see pictures of your house, Vicki.


I love your garden room!


All right - you even make a photo of cleaning up look breathtaking! I love that room! Maddy looks so charming in that pose. Does she want to come to my house for her next cleaning spree?


Does she travel?

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