Sad, sad week
Ten on the Last Day of June

Weekend update

It was a busy weekend.  DH participated in the Spring Green Arts and Crafts Fair over the weekend and lodged at the River View Inn Bed and Breakfast. I thought that sounded kinda nice -- especially the B-and-B part -- so I drove down on Saturday afternoon to join him. I had a mid-morning Sunday appointment in Madison, anyway, so it worked out nicely. Oh my god, was it ever HOT and HUMID on Saturday, though!

The heat, Michael Jackson, Garrison Keillor and the little bit of A Prairie Home Companion that I heard on the way to the B-and-B, and GK's talk of dreaming and MJ's death, combined with sleeping in a strange place in a strange bed -- and not very well -- along with the weird associations made in the subconscious, conspired to make me remember part of a dream of my own in which I learned that Andy Williams had died. I haven't remembered a dream in ages. My only explanation is the close association -- in my life and mind -- between Michael Jackson and Donny Osmond, and then between Donny Osmond and Andy Williams. Strange things/associations happen in dreams.

This is probably the first record I ever played over and over... tiny little record player with a Mickey Mouse design; Highland Park, IL; first grade; love this song. Andy is alive and well.

Spring Green is also home to Nina's Department and Variety Store, which has been on my list/map for quite some time. Truth be told, I stopped at Nina's before I even found DH at the art fair -- unfamiliar with Spring Green, I needed to ask someone for directions to the hardware store in front of which was DH's booth. See? How it all works out? Nina's reminded me a lot of my local Five-and-Dime, but amped up several notches. While my local variety store pretty much carries ONLY Red Heart and Sugar and Cream, Nina's has a little bit of that -- and a LOT of REALLY GREAT stuff! I'm sure that with the upscale tourism clientele in Spring Green, there is much more demand for better quality fiber. The yarn department is small and compact, but bulging with books, tools and totes, and yarn in every weight, from mainstream stand-bys to independent dyers. I am always a little bit flummoxed at yarn stores like this along my path -- I want to stop, but have no expectations and no pressing needs, but a big desire to support them. I ended up with two hanks of small-project sale yarn.

On the way home yesterday, I stopped to see my sister and the boys -- and ended up staying for dinner. Addison was in the beginning stages of a summertime cold, poor little guy. I helped Mack perfect his web-shooter.


Spidey rules.


It's been feeling more like summertime, though we have a few cooler and potentially wet days at the start of the week. I hope the predicted improvement occurs toward the weekend -- sisters from both north and south may converge for the holiday weekend!



Andy Williams reminds me of my mother. His show is the time Donny Osmond was the cutest, imo.

Kay - From the Back Yard

Loved the "record" player! Thanks!


Dale and I love Andy Williams. His version of Moon River was our wedding song. And when Hannah was little she would sing Can't Get Used to Losing You over and over - she knew all the words at 4!

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